Make Money Reading Books

Make Money Reading Books: Earn Up To $170 Per Hour

Are you interested in make money reading books? If yes then I have a very good way to make money reading your favorite books and earn up to $170 per hour.

There are some people who love to read books in their spare time. But they don’t get paid for it. Now, they can use this opportunity to make money from reading books.

If you want to make some extra money then you should pick this opportunity. If you have a nice voice and love to read books then you can create audiobooks and earn money from it. I will recommend this work for those who love to read books and want extra money. This is one of the best jobs for moms.

So, let’s see how to make money reading books.

Make Money Reading Books

Here I am going to tell you about one website where you can get paid for reading books. This is a legit website and doing business for a long time.


make money reading books

ACX’s meaning is audiobook creation exchange. This is a marketplace for professional narrators, authors, agents, publishers and right holders to connect and create audiobooks. This marketplace launced in 2011. In this marketplace, you can join as a narrator and make money reading books.

How it works

Here is the step by step process of how it works.

Step 1: First of all you need to signup on ACX and create your profile. You have to create an Amazon account to sign in ACX. When you creating your profile make sure to give your acting and audiobook experience.

Step 2: After creating your profile, you need to upload some samples and tag your samples with words that describe the skill. This will help authors to find you.

Step 3: Now, you need to choose how do you want to get paid. You can choose a pre-finished hour rate or choose to share 50{4735d816038fdbdee5a50d7fc49fefa7d7d953fa694c32729cd78f30b0e29684} of royalties. If you are unsure then choose both.

Step 4: Now, its time for the audition. Search for your favorite books that you love to narrating and producing then record a few minutes of the manuscripts. If you selected by the right holder’s then you will receive an offer.

Step 5: Now, its time for accepting offers. When right holders make you an offer, agree on delivery dates for the first 15 minutes of audio and the final audiobook, and payment terms.

Step 6: Now, its time for recording. Record, edit, and upload a 15-minute checkpoint of the audiobook, then the right holder will approve or provide feedback. After that, if the right holder approves, record the remainder of the project.

Step 7: You can take the help of audiobook experts to create a professional audiobook. Independent contractor agreement.

Step 8: Then you need to upload each completed chapter of the audiobook to meet their audio submission requirements and production standard terms. Before payment right holder has to approve your work and can request changes.

Step 9: Now, its time for payment. If you and the right holder agreed on pay for the production fee, you will be paid directly by the right holder. If you produce the audiobook as a royalty share deal then you will be paid based on 50{4735d816038fdbdee5a50d7fc49fefa7d7d953fa694c32729cd78f30b0e29684} of the royalties on sales and 50{4735d816038fdbdee5a50d7fc49fefa7d7d953fa694c32729cd78f30b0e29684} of the bounty payments.

These are the steps to make money reading books from ACX. ACX works with three best retailers audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

For a better understanding, watch this video.



If you are an experienced audiobook narrator then you can easily make $170 per hour. All you need is a beautiful narrative voice and all other equipment for recording audiobooks such as the microphone.

This is the best website to make money reading books. if you love to read books then use this website to make money. You just need to read loud that’s it.

Hope this article help you to know about how to make money reading books. If you find it helpful then share it with your friends.

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