Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Free!

Affiliate marketing is the largest platform to earn money online. Many affiliate marketers making millions dollar per month doing it. But how to make money with affiliate marketing?

Today I am going to disclose how to make money with affiliate marketing. In this article you are going to learn about how to do affiliate marketing and earn money without any money or website.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is earning commission by selling affiliate products. What you need to do is join in affiliate programme and sell affiliate products earn commission from it.

There are lots of companies available, who wants to sell their products through you. When people buy products from your affiliate link, you earn commission. That is called affiliate marketing.

It is the best earning method in internet. From affiliate marketing, you can earn thousands dollars or more. There are no limit. Your earning will depend on your work.

Now lets see how you can do affiliate marketing. For that you need two things. We are going to discuss about these two things.

#1 Products

If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing then products is the most important thing. If you don’t have products to sell, how can you earn money.

First of all you need to choose products. Which products you want to sell and will generate commission. So choose wisely.

Choosing products for affiliate marketing is not so hard. Look at your environment. You will find lots of products to sell. Let me give you example.

Many years ago I bought a washing machine from online. And it was very expensive. When I uses it, I get benefits from it. It was really good and given good service.

When I look at that site where I bought it from. What i saw, they have affiliate marketing programme. Everytime anyone sell their washing machine can get good commission.

Which was very good. I signup with their affiliate programme and they given affiliate link. I told about this washing machine to people. How much it is good and how much I get benefits from it.

So it is the best way to sell affiliate products. If you use something and get benefit from it. It will be lot easy to sell. So to find affiliate products look at your environment.

Another way to find affiliate products is join affiliate programs. There you will find lots of products to sell.

For Example:

  • Clickbank: Clickbank is the largest place to find affiliate products. There are thousands of products available to sell. Also you can earn lots of money from there.
  • Amazon: We know about amazon. Almost anything you can find their and almost anything you can sell from there.
  • Jvzoo: Jvzoo also a very good platform to do affiliate marketing.
  • eBay: eBay is another website to sell affiliate products and lots of commission.

These are some place to do affiliate marketing. But there are many companies available to do affiliate marketing. If you buy some products from online, look if they have affiliate program or not. If they have you can use that product and tell people about it.

#2 Traffic

You choose affiliate product to sell. But where to sell and how? Today we are covering how to make money with affiliate marketing without money. So I am going to tell you free ways to do this.

Four ways to do affiliate marketing without money. You don’t have to spend a penny for it.

Family & Friends

We have family and friends. Lots of time our family and friends want to buy some products for their house and they ask help from us.

That time you can tell them about affiliate products. You can easily convince them to buy these products. That way they will get products for their house and you will earn commission.

Family and friends always a precious thing for us. They have trust on us. Never break their trust. When they ask you about any products, never say false thing to sell. Say truth to them.

Assume that you buy one products from online store. And you use it for couple of months. Now you know how much good is it and also how much bad is it.

So if any of your family member or friends ask you about this products say to them truth. If they wish to buy this product, give them your affiliate link.

Social Media

Social media is the largest platform to promote anything. In this era who doesn’t use social media. All around the world, everybody use social media. Some use for interact with friends, some use for business, some use for making friends.

Do we need to pay money for it? Obviously we don’t need to pay money for it. It is totally free. You just need email or phone number to open up social media platform and also internet connection, mobile phone or computer or laptop.

There are some popular social media platform most people use.

  • Facebook: Who doesn’t know about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg created this amazing social media platform to find friends and interact with them. Now over 2.4 billion people using this platform every month. And it is increasing year by year.
  • YouTube: We all know about YouTube. How much popular YouTube is I don’t have to tell you. Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley founded this amazing platform. Later on they sell it to google for $1.65 billion. Now YouTube have 5 billion users and only 1.5 billion are registered users. If you want to learn about make money from YouTube Click Here.
  • Instagram: Instagram is the most engage social media after Facebook. Mike Krieger founded this awesome social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Later he sold it to Facebook for $1 billion. Now Instagram have 1 billion monthly users.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another best social media platform to use. Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Evan Williams founded twitter. Now twitter have 321 million monthly active users.
  • Reddit: Reddit is another amazing social media to use. Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz and Alexis Ohanian founded reddit. Now reddit have over 33 million active users monthly.

These are some popular social media platform. You don’t need to pay any money to join in these platforms. It is totally free.

Using these social media, you can do affiliate marketing for free. All you need to do is grow traffic. Traffic is the most important thing to do affiliate marketing in social media.

Suppose you promoting one affiliate products in social media. But nobody watching it. Then how can you sell your affiliate products.

So first grow traffic in your social media platform and do affiliate marketing. If you ask me which one is better for affiliate marketing. I will recommend three platform.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

These are highly engaged social media platform. If you can grow traffic in these platform, affiliate marketing will be too easy for you.

How to do affiliate marketing in social media?

Simply you just need to choose one or two social media platform to work on. I will recommend to choose YouTube and Facebook.

Now all you need to do is give review about your affiliate products. You can write about your affiliate products or make video about your affiliate products.

Just give review or tell about affiliate products in your social media. When you do review on your affiliate products, always be true. Never be a lier.

If you lie to your audience, they will not trust on you. If they don’ have rust on you, they will not buy. So your affiliate marketing finish there.

Make audience or fans through affiliate marketing. That will help you a lot in affiliate marketing. It will give you success in affiliate marketing.


Blogging is the best way to do affiliate marketing. Don’t worry, you don’t need to start a website. You can do blogging in freeway.

What you need to do is go to is the free site for starting a website. They will give you opportunity to make free website. You don’t need to spend single penny. is the part of google. There you can make website for free. Whatever you can do in a website, you can also do that there.

So start a blog from and give review about affiliate products through blogging.


Advertisement is the best way to promote anything. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use your money. There are lots of websites who will let you publish your ad for free.

You just need to find those ad forum to publish your ad. I am giving you some ad forum name where you can put your affiliate products ad.

These are just some sites where you can put your affiliate products ad. Sometimes this works very well. I am not guarantee you with this method that will work. You can try if you want.

How to make money with affiliate marketing Conclusion

Making money is not so tough job with affiliate marketing. You just need to grow your traffic for this job.

Social media and blogging is the best way to do affiliate marketing. From these methods, surely you can do affiliate marketing successfully. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing from successful affiliate marketer then CLICK HERE.

Once again never deceive your audience. Always tell them truth about products. Make relationship with your audience. It is the key of success in affiliate marketing.

So now you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing for free. You don’t need to spend money if you don’t have. For best affiliate marketing networks Click here.

What do you think about affiliate marketing?

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