How To Get Paid To Lose Weight: 8 Best Ways (Up To $10,000)

Do you want to take lose weight challenges? If the answer is yes, here are the best legit ways to get paid to lose weight by taking fitness challenges.

While obesity rates are growing all over the world, because of that there are so many people available that want to lose their weight. There may be some reasons behind losing weight such as:

  • You maybe want to wear those clothes that you used to wear 5 or 10 years ago.
  • Your doctor may be prescribed you lose some weight so that you can lead a healthy life.
  • You may want to get rid of the bully of your friends.

When it comes to losing weight, it is not so easy task. You have to keep yourself motivated so that you can achieve your goal. There are lots of people available that take a resolution to lose weight, but they fail to do that. For that reason, you need to use lose-weight challenge apps that will encourage you to reach your goal.

There are so many lose weight apps available so that finding a specific app to take the loose weight challenge is difficult. For that treason, I am putting forward some of the best legit lose weight apps that will help you to take the loose weight challenge and make some money.

So, let’s see which are the best ways to get paid to lose weight and which works best for you.

The Best Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight

As there are so many options available out there, I am putting forward some highly reviewed lose-weight apps that will allow you to make some money by taking on lose-weight challenges. Simply, pick the best lose weight app that suits you.

1. HealthyWage: Weight Lose Challenges

get paid to walk

HealthyWage is a health and wellness company that provides weight loss and fitness challenges with cash prizes. It was founded by David Roddenberry and Jimmy Fleming in 2009. It is the best lose weight app that you can use to bet on yourself.

To get started, you need to pick an amount that you want to lose and how much you want to bet per month. Then, you need to decide how many months do you need to reach your goal. You can use their prize calculator to determine how much you are going to win. If you can’t make it on time, then you can extend the bet by buying more time.

Moreover, you’ll be able to take part in a $10,000 challenge. For that, you need to signup with a team of 5, join a team, or get matched with a team. Next, you need to lose the greatest percentage weight in the challenge as a team and win $10,000. Also, you’ll be able to earn your entry fee ($33/mo) by weigh-in again after 6 months.

Therefore, use this lose weight app to motivate yourself to lose weight and get paid. Hopefully, you’ll be able to reach your goal so that you can earn some money.

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2. DietBet: Join A Weight Loss Challenge

get paid to lose weight

DietBet is another app that will allow you to join a weight loss challenge. Although you can’t win as much as with HealthyWage, you’ll be able to win something. It helped over 750,000 people lose weight and win over $62 million.

There are two different weight loss challenges available such as:

  • Kickstarter: Lose 4% in 4 weeks
  • Transformer: Lose 10% in 6 months

To get started, you need to join any of these two games or challenges. After that, all you need to do is achieve your goal and get paid. When you finish your goal, you’ll be get paid within 24 hours. Your earnings will depend on how many people taking part in the challenges. The more people win, the smaller the payout will be.

Moreover, DietBet charges a certain amount of fees for your bets such as:

  • Bets between $0-$99: 25% fee
  • Bets between $100-$249: 20% fee
  • Bets between $250-$500: 15% fee
  • Bets more than $500: 10% fee

3. Walgreens Balance Rewards

get paid to walk

Walgreens Balance Rewards is another app that you can use for taking health challenges. It will be four weeks of health challenges. You can join in this challenge for free. There are two types of challenges available such as physical and lifestyle. If you want then you can participate in both of these challenges at the same time.

When you complete a week, you will earn 100 Balance Rewards points. You’ll be able to earn a maximum of 2,000 points after completing four weeks of health challenges.

To get started, you need to join a 4-week health challenge. After that, connect a device and track progress. Next, complete your challenge and earn points with bonuses. You can redeem your points at Walgreens.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Points Pay Off:

  • 1,000 Points ($1)
  • 2,000 Points ($2)
  • 3,000 Points ($3)
  • 4,000 Points ($4)
  • 5,000 Points ($5)
  • 10,000 Points ($10)
  • 20,000 Points ($20)
  • 50,000 Points ($50)

4. Achievement: Rewards For Health

get paid to walk

Achievement is one of the best apps that you can use in your daily life. You will be rewarded with points for tracked activities like biking, running, or walking. Also, you’ll be able to earn 80 points per day. Moreover, you can do other activities like logging your sleep and meditating to earn more points.

First of all, you need to connect Achievement with other fitness apps and devices. There are over 20 popular apps to choose from. Then, simply use those apps and earn points with Achievement. When you earn at least 10,000 points ($10), you will be able to redeem your points for cash or charities. You will be get paid via PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account within 7 business days.

It may take a few months to earn at least 10,000 points. The best thing about this app is you can use this in your daily life. So, you can easily earn 80 points per day. Therefore, use this app to get paid to lose weight.

5. StickK

get paid to lose weight

StickK is an American internet company that enables users to make commitment contracts to reach their personal goals. It is founded by Ian Ayres, Dean Karlan, and Jordan Goldberg in 2007. You have to sign commitment contracts that cost money. If you fail to reach your goal then you’ll lose your money.

A StickK referee will verify your reports. Also, you’ll be able to invite people to cheer up and encourage you along with your progress. If you choose an ongoing commitment, you have to submit a weekly report to update your progress.

However, you won’t earn money by using this platform. It is just a platform that will force you to reach your goal by threatening you to lose money.

6. StepBet: Win Rewards With Your Steps

get paid to walk

StepBet is another app to take challenges. By using this app, you’ll be able to bet on yourself. However, if you can’t reach your fitness goal, then you’ll lose your money.

To get started, you need to select a game to get your step goals and then bet into the pot to join. Next, you have to reach your personalized step goals for each week of the game. You may need to bet around $40 on yourself. You will get your payment via PayPal. Moreover, you can have a paper check by paying a $5 fee. Before taking part in fitness goals, don’t forget to read their rules.

According to their site, they have paid over $100 million to their players and they have more than 1 million players. Therefore, use this app to bet on yourself.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight

If you don’t find these apps to get paid to lose weight, then there are a few more ways available to help you make money.

7. Office Challenges

If you’re working in an office, then you can create an in-person office challenge between coworkers. All you need to do is set up an honor system and take a look at who loses the most weight after a certain number of weeks. Also, you can do this challenge between friends and family members.

Each person has to bet a certain amount of money to enter into the weight loss challenge. After the competition, divide that money into first, second, and third.

8. Insurance Reimbursements

There are a few insurance plans available that offer extra benefits to encourage members to lose weight. It may help you to pay for your gym membership, cover the fee for weight watchers, or reimburse your 5K entrance fee. For that, you need to look at your insurance plans.

How to be Motivated While Getting Paid to Lose Weight?

As I said earlier, losing weight is not something that you can achieve overnight. You have to give your best to take weight loss challenges. In that case, you need to do certain things that will motivate you to lose weight.

M-1: Find a workout plan that you love

Most of the time, people don’t want to do hard workouts. Because of that, they think they won’t be able to achieve what they want. If you feel like this, then you need to find a workout plan that you love and can be done easily.

For example, if you don’t like to run, you need to look for a workout that will help you lose weight. You can play football with your friends to lose weight instead of running.

M-2: Share your workout moments with friends

Nowadays, there are lots of social media platforms available that will allow you to share your moments with your friends. You need to use those social media platforms to get encouragement from your friends. It will help you to stay motivated. In that case, you can use Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

M-3: Find a partner

It may be boring to work out alone or complete goals. For that reason, you need to find a partner that is on the same track. It will help both of you to reach your goals without feeling boring.

You can find a partner near you by posting on social media platforms or you can find a partner at your gym.

M-4: Track your progress & celebrate

When you lose some weight after one week, you will feel very good. After that, you can celebrate it with your friends without breaking your fitness goal rules. For that reason, you need to track how much weight you lose.

WrapUp: Choose the best apps to lose weight

As there are six apps available to choose from, you may find it harder to choose one. However, there are a few apps available that can be used together.

When it comes to choosing the best apps to lose weight, you need to look for a few things such as:

  • Is it suitable for me?
  • Can I take the challenges?
  • How much money can I make?

Depending on these three things, you need to choose the best apps to lose weight.

Even if you don’t like any of these ideas to get paid to lose weight, then you can try other money-making apps to earn some extra money.

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