34 Best Ways To Get Paid To Write Poems (Up To $300 Per Poem)

Are you looking for the best ways to get paid to write poems? Yes? Here are some of the best ways to turn your poetry into cash.

First of all, are you a poet? Want to make some extra money by writing poetry? If the answer is yes, you may proceed.

Nowadays, Several online platforms allow you to write poems and get paid for your work. The best thing about these online platforms is you don’t have to be a popular poet. All you have to do is choose the best platforms that are convenient for you.

As a beginner, you may not familiar with online platforms that allow you to make money by writing poems. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of online platforms that allow you to make money by writing poems.

So, let’s see which are the best ways to get paid to write poems.

Get Paid To Write Poems For Magazines

The best way to get paid to write poems is for magazines. All you have to do is choose the best magazines and submit your work. If your poems are accepted, you’ll get paid. Importantly, read companies writing and submission guidelines before submitting your work.

1. The Sun Magazine

When it comes to getting paid to write poems, The Sun Magazine is one of the best platforms. It’s an ad-free magazine that has been described in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, darkly funny, tender, and dark. They accept submissions for essays, fiction, and poetry.

They encourage submissions from writers of colors. They rarely run anything longer than seven thousand words; there’s no minimum length. You can expect to earn anywhere between $100 to $200 per poem.

Thousands of poets submit their poems every month. For that reason, you have to wait for some time for your poems to be approved.

2. The Threepenny Review

The Threepenny Review is another magazine that’ll allow you to submit your poems. However, you can’t submit anything during their non-reading period, which extends from May 1 through December 31. You have to wait until January 1 to submit your work.

At a time, you can submit up to five poems until you’ve heard back from them about your previous submission. Your poems need to be unpublished and not more than 100 lines. Your poetry can be single-spaced or double-spaced. The Threepenny Review will pay you $200 per poem.

3. Boulevard

Boulevard is another literary magazine that accepts poetry submission. They’re very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. They accept submission from November 1 to May 1.

At a time, you’ll be able to submit no more than five poems. Also, they accept poems of up to 200 lines and don’t accept light verse. You can earn anywhere between $50 to $250 per accepted poem.

Moreover, you can participate in emerging poetry contests. A poet who hasn’t yet published a book of poetry with a nationally distributed press can participate in this contest.

4. Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is the oldest poetry magazine that was founded in 1912. They consider only previously unpublished work. You’ll be able to send only one submission at a time per category. Due to the number of submissions they receive each year, you have to wait for 8 months to receive a response.

All of their poets will be compensated for published poems.

  • For text poems: They pay $10/line with a minimum honorarium of $300 per poem.
  • For visual, audio, video poems: They pay $300 per poem.

5. Arc Poetry Magazine

Arc Poetry Magazine is a Canada-based magazine. Arc Poetry Magazine has been publishing the best in contemporary poetry for over 40 years. They invite submissions from poets at all stages of their writing careers.

Arc Poetry Magazine accepts unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poetry in English, or translations of poetry into English, on any subject, and in any form.

Here are a few submission rules:

  • Submissions must not exceed 3 poems or 360 lines.
  • Submissions must be typed and sin­gle spaced.
  • Submissions must include the poet’s name, email address, and mailing address on each page.
  • Poets may only submit once each calendar year.

They pay for poetry at the rate of $50 per page. Therefore, consider Arc Poetry Magazine to submit your work.


AGNI is another literature magazine that’ll allow you to submit poems. They’re looking for writers who tell their truths in their own words. They welcome manuscripts between September 1st and May 31st.

Here are a few important things to know before submitting:

  • They’ll not consider writing that has been published in English.
  • They consider only work written in English or translated into English.
  • They have no words limit, though space is at a premium and length sometimes affects their decisions.
  • They don’t publish genre romance, horror, mystery, or science fiction.

You’ll be able to submit up to five poems per submission. They’ll respond within two to four months. Till then, you have to wait for another submission. They’re willing to pay $20 per page for accepted poetry, up to a maximum of $150.


EPOCH is another magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, essays, cartoons, graphic art, screenplays, and graphic fiction. The magazine is edited by faculty in the Department of English Program in Creative Writing at Cornell University. They appear three times per year: in September, January, and May.

They only consider work that is previously unpublished and don’t accept electronic submissions or simultaneous submissions. They consider poetry in all forms, including long poems. In one envelope, you’ll be able to submit five poems. You can expect to get $50 per poem. Their payments vary from year to year depending on their funding.

8. Rattle

Rattle is a magazine that publishes unsolicited poetry and translations of poetry. They don’t accept poetry that has been previously published, in print or online.

Unlike any other magazine, they like poems of any length. However, you can send up to four poems at a time. Contributors in print receive $200 per poem, and online contributors receive $100 per poem. They have both an online and a print version of their publication.

9. Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine is a suitable magazine for those who love to write poetry on nature, culture, and place. If you’re one among them, you can try this platform.

Orion Magazine allows its writers to submit one to three poems at a time. Also, each poetry must not exceed forty lines. You’ll get $100 per accepted poem. At the time of writing this article, they’re not accepting poetry submissions. So, you need to check back later.

10. Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review is a literary journal devoted to contemporary literary art, publishing fiction, short plays, poetry, photo essays, and literary non-fiction in traditional and experimental styles.

You can send up to 6 poems at a time. They’re accepting poetry submissions from September 30 to October 14. You’ll get paid to write poems for $10 to $50.

11. Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse is another magazine to get paid to write poems. Crazy Horse welcomes general submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from September 1st through May 31st.

Crazy Horse will allow you to submit 3 to 5 poems at a time. They aim to publish work that reflects the multiple poetries of the twenty-first century. For each accepted work, you can earn $20 per page of layout with a maximum of $200.

12. Slice Magazine

If you’re a newbie poet, Slice Magazine is the best platform for you. They’re looking for anyone with a fresh voice and a compelling story to share. They welcome submissions for short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

They’re allowing up to five poems at a time. All work should be previously unpublished. You can expect to earn anywhere between $75 to $100 per accepted poem.

13. Grain Magazine

Grain Magazine is an internationally acclaimed literary journal that publishes four times per year. Before submitting your work on Grain Magazine, you need to read a recent issue of the magazine so that you get to know what types of poetry they’re looking for.

They’re accepting individual poems, sequences, or suits up to a maximum of six pages. All contributors are getting paid $50 per page to a maximum of $250.

14. Fun For Kidz

Fun For Kidz is a magazine created for boys and girls from 6 to 12 years, with youngsters 8, 9, and 10 the specific target age.

They’re looking for submissions on topics like:

  • Pets
  • Hobbies
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Careers

All submissions should be double-spaced. They pay a minimum of $10 per poem or puzzle.

15. The Capilano Review

The Capilano Review is another platform to submit your unpublished poems. They accept submissions of poetry to a maximum of 8 pages. They may take four to six months to respond to your submission. All contributors are paid $50 per page to a maximum of $500.

16. Ploughshares

Ploughshares is another literary magazine that is published by the staff at Emerson College. They’re allowing submission of poetry 1-5 pages at a time. For each accepted submission, you can expect to earn $45 per printed page.

17. The Southern Magazine

The Southern Magazine is a literary magazine that welcomes unsolicited work during their submissions period. They’ll consider only work that hasn’t been published. They accept poetry, non-fiction, and translations in all genres from September 1 through January 1.

You’re allowed to send either five poems or fifteen pages per submission. They pay $50 for the first printed page and $25 for each subsequent printed page with a maximum payment of $200.

18. Iron Horse Review

Iron Horse Review was founded in 1999 by students and faculty at Texas Tech University. It’s a literary journal that accepts poetry submissions.

Before submitting your work on this platform, you need to observe their submission calendar to make sure your manuscripts fit the theme or genre of any submission period. Also, they don’t consider previously published materials. You’re allowed to send three to five poems per submission. You’ll get $50 per accepted poem.

19. Leading Edge Magazine

Leading Edge is a science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes poetry of people from all over the world. The best part of this magazine is they always accepting submissions and send out acceptances in January and September.

They’re looking for poetry submissions that deal with science-fiction or fantasy-related themes. If your work is accepted for publication, payment can be discussed.

20. VQR

VQR is a national journal of literature and discussion that accepts submissions of all types of poems and lengths. Like any other publication magazine, they accept only unpublished work.

VQR’s payment is very high. You can expect to earn $200 per poem. You’re allowed to send up to 4 poems at a time. If you send five or more poems and all are selected for publication, they’ll pay you $1,000.

Get Paid To Write Poems For Greeting Cards

Have you ever read poems on greeting cards? Yes? Do you know who wrote them? Poets like you.

There are lots of greeting card companies available that are looking for poets like you to write poetry for their greeting cards.

Here are a few greeting card companies to write poetry to.

21. American Greetings

American Greetings is the second-largest producer of greeting cards in the world. They sell various types of greeting cards, such as electronic cards, etc.

22. Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts is another greeting card company that holds poetry contests. To participate in this contest, your poetry needs to be original.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Poetry can be rhyming or non-ryming.
  • Poems will be judged based on the basis of originality and uniqueness.
  • Only English langauge poems are allowed.
  • You can submit as many as you want.

Here are prizes of poetry contest winners:

  • 1st Prize: $350
  • 2nd Prize: $200
  • 3rd Prize: $100

23. Noble Works Cards

Noble Works Cards is another greeting card company that sells hilarious happy birthday cards, humor holiday cards, comical Christmas greeting cards, witty wedding cards, and many more.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Write Poems

There are more ways available to get paid to write poems.

  • NewMyths: They currently pays $1.5 cents/word with a minimum payment of $30 for all submissions.
  • The Lowa Review: They’re looking for the best poetry, fiction, and non-fiction submissions. They pay $1.50 per line for poetry with a minimum of $40.
  • Colorado Review: They pay $10 per published page of poetry with a minimum payout of $30.
  • Kenyon Review: It’s an international journal of literatur, culture, and the arts. You’re allowed to send up to 6 poems per submission. Payment for accepted work is made upon publication.
  • Black Warrior Review: You’re allowed to send either up to five poems or maximum 10 pages. The payment is unknown.

34. Start A Poetry Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. You can earn thousands of dollars per month by blogging. As a poet or writer, you can start your own blog.

To start a blog, you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money. You can start a blog from scratch with $50 or less than that. You have to purchase a domain name and web hosting to start a blog.

You can purchase a domain name from any domain name registrar. However, you have to purchase web hosting from a reliable web hosting provider. Your blog performance will rely on your web hosting. For that reason, you need to purchase web hosting from a reliable web hosting service provider. One of the best web hosting service providers is HostGator.

At the very beginning, you can’t expect to get a huge amount of visitors to your blog. You have to wait several months to make a sustainable income from your blog. You need to give your blog time to adapt to search engines.

If you want to get visitors to your blog instantly, you can promote your blog posts on social media platforms. In that case, Pinterest is the best social media platform.

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If you’re a poet, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to make money. As you can see, there are lots of ways available to make money by writing poems. All you have to do is choose the best ways that are convenient for you.

If you’re not a full-time poet, you can take this as a hobby. You can make some extra money that you can use for paying your bills.

Hopefully, this article helped you to know about the best ways to get paid to write poems. If you liked it, share it with your friends.

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