How To Make Money From YouTube – 6 Ways To Make Legitimate Money

How to make money from YouTube? This question asks every newbie. Making money from YouTube is super easy. Mm No.

About 5 years ago making money from YouTube was an easy job. But now it is too difficult to make money from YouTube.

Now YouTube restricts earnings from monetization. Every person can’t make money from YouTube.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make money from YouTube. 6 Ways to make legitimate money from YouTube.

Let’s see what is the 6 ways to make legitimate money from YouTube.

#1 Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the only way to make money from Google on YouTube. When you monetize your YouTube channel, Google puts ads in your videos. That way you earn money from google.

That is why YouTube is the best and easy way to earn money. But now it is not for everyone. Google will not monetize every content.

Google now gives monetization those channels who have real content. That means copyrighted, adults and reuse content channels will not get monetization.

Copyrighted Contents: If you use other contents in your videos that is called copyrighted contents. Most people think if he gives credits that will not be called copyrighted. But that is false. If you use copyrighted videos or music, you have to get permission from owners.

Adults Contents: We all know adult content prohibited on YouTube. We can’t use the adult’s content to make money from YouTube. YouTube will age restrict those videos. And age-restricted videos can’t be monetized.

Reuse contents: If you download other videos from YouTube and upload it the same in your channel that is called reuse contents. If you use reuse content on your channel, YouTube will not give monetization.

Now, how you can make money from Google via YouTube. Obviously via monetization. Now, what your channel requires to get eligibility for monetization.

YouTube Monetization Policies: Your channel must fulfill YouTube monetization policies to get monetization. Unless your channel will not get monetization. So make sure your channel follows all the monetization policies. For monetization, policies click here.

YouTube Partner Program Availability: You must live in a country or region where the YouTube partner program available. Otherwise, your channel will not be eligible for monetization. Click Here for YouTube partner program available countries.

Watch Hours: Your channel must have 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Otherwise, your channel will not be eligible for monetization.

Subscribers: Your channel must have 1000 subscribers for monetization.

Adsense Account: Your channel must link with your AdSense account.

After applying for the YouTube partner program your channel will be in the review queue. YouTube program and workers will review your channel whether your channel follows their guidelines or not. Then they will give you monetization.

Some times it takes a few days to give monetization. Some times it takes 1 month to get monetization. If your channel gets rejected what will happen?

Nothing will happen. They will email you why your channel rejected. Then you can rectify those things and reapply for monetization after 30 days.

So this is one of the ways to make money from YouTube. This is the easiest and legit way to make money from YouTube.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is when you sell other products through your affiliate links, you get a commission. Affiliate marketing increasing day by day. This is one of the best ways to make money.

Through affiliate marketing, you can make a million-dollar. But it is not that easy. If you affiliate marketing through your website it is a lot harder. You need to get traffic to your website then you can expect money from affiliate marketing.

But through YouTube affiliate marketing is a lot easier. Mm, not so easy. But easier than the website.

I am going to explain to you how you can do this. You just need to follow 4 steps to do so. Before that, you need to choose your affiliate products. Which products you want to sell. Like garments, technology, etc products. I recommend choosing technology products.

People love to know about technology products. New technology products always come to the market. And also people buy technology products on the internet. So that will be easier.

Step 1 – Make Review YouTube Channel: First of all, you need to open one fresh YouTube channel for Review about products. Remember when you choose your YouTube channel name make sure it resembles what you doing on this channel. That way people can understand your channel and will like to watch your content.

Step 2 – Review Affiliate Products: Now you have to review the affiliate products that you want to sell. Make your review video fantastic and eye-catchy for people. Shoot your videos in a high-quality camera. Make it professional. Review every single thing about your affiliate products. That way people will like to buy your products. The important thing is never tell lie about your affiliate products. Always choose the best products for your audience.

Step 3 – Engage Audience: You have to engage your audience with your channel. And make community with your viewers. That way you can serve more people and earn more money. Talk with them about what they need to know about products. Which products they want.

Step 4 – Affiliate Links: When uploading your video make sure to put affiliate links in the description. If your viewers like your products review they will surely go to your affiliate links to buy or check.

So YouTube affiliate marketing lot easier than the website. If your content is good and helpful for others YouTube will rank your video. But on the website, it takes too much time to rank.

This is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube. Just make sure your content is good and helpful for people. Make community with your viewers.

#3 Sponsorship

When we watch any show on television, we see advertisements. Those advertisers give money to channels for advertisement. That way they earn money. It is like that.

Sponsorship another way of earning money from YouTube. But it is not so easy. For that, you need to have at least 100k Subscribers.

Advertisers will not sponsor your videos if your videos don’t get enough views. It’s all depends on your channel subscribers and views. So this is for certain people on YouTube.

But if your channel has lots of subscribers and views then you can easily get sponsorship for your videos. You just need to put your business email in the description, they will contact you.

So this could be the best way to make money on YouTube.

#4 Merchandise and Own Products

Merchandising is promoting your own products or brand. If you want to promote your products then you can art your products on anything to sell it.

YouTubers making their channel merchandise for their fans. This they earn money from their viewers. But for that, you need a huge fan following.

Another thing you can do is to sell your own company products. Review your company products on YouTube. That way you can sell your own products.

#5 Patreon

Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform. It is basically created for artists and creators. We all know artists and creators get lots of fan following.

Artists and creators can ask funds using Patreon. Fans help their favorite artists and creators funding money in Patreon.

If you are an artist or content creator then you can open up Patreon accounts and get funds from your fans. This is one of the ways but it is not so worthy for everyone.

If you have a huge fan following and fans want to help you then it is effective. So if you have that many fans then you can try this.

#6 Channel Membership

Channel membership one of the best features on YouTube. Now your subscribers can buy your channel membership for 4.99$ per month. What will your fans get?

Your fans will get exclusive features like emojis, early access to videos and members-only live chat and streams.

For open up channel membership in your channel, you need a minimum of 50,000 subscribers. With this feature, you can triple your YouTube revenue. Lots of renowned and great content creators using this method to earn more money.

But this feature doesn’t apply in every country. Just limited country people can access this feature. Hopefully in future this feature will be available in all the countries.

Conclusion (How to make money from YouTube)

So these are the legitimate ways to make money from YouTube. Some apply for everyone, some doesn’t apply for everyone. Hopefully, in the future, everything will be available in all countries.

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For me Google AdSense, affiliate marketing is the best option to make money from youtube. If you can earn from these two categories monthly you can earn a minimum of $5,000-$10,000.

So what do you think? Which one is best for you?

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