Make Money Watching YouTube Videos

Make Money Watching Youtube Videos – Earn CryptoCurrency

Do you want to know about how to make money watching Youtube videos? If yes then here you are going to learn about the best way to make money watching Youtube videos.

YouTube is the world’s largest entertaining site. Also, it is the best and easiest site to make money fast. There are lots of ways to make money online. One of the ways is YouTube. Lots of people making millions of dollars using YouTube.

If you are not a YouTuber but love to watch YouTube videos then you can also make money watching YouTube videos. Today I am going to tell you about one website where you can make money simply watching YouTube videos on your tv.

So, if you interested in making money watching YouTube videos then let’s start.

How To Make Money Watching Youtube Videos

Now I am going to tell you about one website where you can make money watching Youtube videos. If you want to make money by doing this then read carefully. Don’t miss anything. All the information is very important.


make money watching youtube videos

TV-Two is a very good app to make money watching Youtube videos and all other tv shows on your television. This TV-Two app is available on Android & ios.

How It Works

This app works very simple way. You will receive the same content on TV-Two but you will earn cryptocurrency. You will get all the YouTube videos that you love. For every sponsored message you consume, you will be rewarded with the Tv-Twos custom Ethereum token called TTV, this will comes directly from the advertisers.

While you watching your favorite videos, the integrated Ethereum wallet will be collecting the TTV’s. Later on, those TTV’s may be paid out to a separate wallet. On top of that, you can double your income by performing some tasks offered by TV-Two.

How To Use TV-Two

1. First of all, you need to download the TV-Two app for your Samsung or LG Smart Tv. If you don’t have smart television then you can use this app in your Android and ios devices.

2. When Tv app will start you need to scan QR code from your tv screen to sync your tv with your smartphone.

3. Then just lean back and watch your favorite videos and TTV for every second you watch.

Now, you know how to use TV-Two and earn cryptocurrency.

How much is 1 TTV in USD?

The exchange rate depends on the current market price on the cryptocurrency exchanges. If there is more demand for TTV by advertisers then increases the price on the exchanges. Click Here for up-to-date exchange rates.

How to request a payout to earn crypto?

If you want to payout to earn crypto then you need 50,000 credits in the app. Once you earn this many credits then click on the wallet icon in the bottom right corner and click on the request payout. You just need an email and your Ethereum wallet address. Your wallet must be compatible with TTV tokens.

So if you interested in making money while watching your favorite videos then use this app for making money. Simply a very good app for making money from home without doing anything. Click on the download buttons to get the TV-Two app.


These days everybody has got smartphones and smart television. We all watch our favorite tv shows and Youtube videos every day. Then why not make some money doing it. TV-Two app giving you that opportunity to make money from home without doing anything. Simply install this app on your smart tv and phone. That’s it.

Hope this article helps you to learn about how to make money watching Youtube videos. If you find it helpful then share it with your friends.

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