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15 Best Places To Sell Sports Cards For Maximum Profit

Are you looking for the best places to sell sports cards? Yes? You’re at the right place. Here are some of the best places to sell your sports cards for maximum profit.

A bunch of people love to collect sports cards as a hobby. If you’re one among them, you can make extra money by selling sports cards.

Nowadays, you can sell almost anything online or locally. Likewise, there are several places to sell sports cards online or locally. However, you’ll have to find the best places to sell sports cards for maximum profit.

To make your job easier, here are some of the best places to sell sports cards online or locally.

How To Sell Sports Cards Online?

If you want to sell sports cards hassle-free, you should consider selling them online. It’s a convenient way to sell sports cards.

Let’s look at some of the best online marketplaces to sell sports cards.

1. Beckett

Beckett is a well-known marketplace for card collectors. It’s an online marketplace to sell sports cards. However, it doesn’t allow individual card collectors to sell sports cards for cash.

There are two ways to sell sports cards, such as:

  • Organize
  • Trade

You can list your sports cards in the Organize section. After that, find a selling button under search collection and click on it. Later on, set your price and publish your listing.

The Trade tool allows you to trade/exchange your items with other registered members. However, it’s only available for subscribers.

You’ll have to purchase either Online Price Guide or a Beckett Organize subscription. Beckett Organize subscription will cost you $6.99 a month or $64.99 a year.

2. Dave & Adam’s

Dave & Adam’s is one of the best places to sell sports cards. Dave & Adam’s will buy sports cards directly from you. You can sell modern sports card singles, vintage cards, and non-sports gaming sets. Apart from sports cards, you can sell comic books, video games, and vintage toys.

To sell sports cards, you’ll have to contact them. There are two ways to contact Dave & Adam’s, such as:

  • Email:
  • Call: 1-888-440-9787
  • Contact Page

You can contact them to check out whether they’re accepting your cards. If they do, they’ll make you an offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll have to ship your items to them. Also, you can tell them to pick up everything. In that case, they’ll pay 95% of their buy prices to cover travel expenses.

The payment options are cash, PayPal, and check. You’ll get your payment within 48 hours. You’ll get a $25 gift certificate when you sell at least $500 worth of items.


COMC (Check Out My Collectibles) is another place where you can sell sports cards online. It allows you to sell sports cards, trading cards, and collectibles.

You’ll have to send your sports cards to them. After that, they’ll do all the work to sell your sports cards. They’ll identify, scan, list, store, insure, package, and ship your items. Moreover, COMC listings are automatically posted to eBay. You’ll get paid via PayPal, check, or store credit.

COMC also allows you to dropship sports cards. You’ll have to purchase sports cards on their online store and resell them.

4. Blowout Cards

Blowout Cards is another destination to sell sports cards. It’ll buy factory-sealed boxes & cases of all sports, non-sports, and gaming directly from you.

You’ll have to visit its wanted page to see if you’ve any cards. In addition to sports cards, you can sell game-used or autographed cards. The payment options are check, PayPal, and Blowout Store Credit.

Blowout Cards has a forum called “BlowoutForums.” In this forum, collectors can talk about the latest sports news and collections.

5. StockX

StockX is an online marketplace to sell sneakers, shoes, apparel, electronics, trading cards, accessories, and collectibles.

The selling process works like an auction. You can list your items for auction and sell them for the highest bid. Also, you’ll be able to set your asking price and wait for the buyer to accept.

Once your item sells, you’ll have to ship your item(s) within two business days. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fee equivalent to 15% of the transaction price. Once they receive your item(s), they’ll authenticate and ship it to the buyer.

The payment options are PayPal, Venmo, ACH Bank Transfer, and Debit Card.

6. PSA Card Forums

PSA Card Forums work similarly to Blowout Forums. However, it has different forums for different topics, such as:

On the Buy, Sell & Trade forum, you’ll be able to create a thread to sell sports cards. You’ll be able to sell vintage and modern cards of any sport. You’ll be able to negotiate the price with the potential buyers.

7. eBay

eBay is one of the best marketplaces to sell sports cards. You can sell almost anything through eBay. Although there are many places to buy sports cards, collectors also check out eBay. There are over 4.7 million sports card listings on eBay.

eBay will allow you to list your sports cards for free. Your first 250 listings each month are free. Once your item sells, they charge 10-15% of the final value.

The downside is you’ll have to ship your item(s) personally. You can charge your buyer a fee for shipping.

You’ll get paid via direct deposit to your bank account. You’ll get your payment Monday through Friday within two business days.

8. Kruk Cards

Kruk Cards specialize in buying and selling sports cards since 1987. They buy all types of sports cards. They’ll buy sports cards directly from you. Therefore, you don’t have to find buyers.

To sell your sports cards, you’ll have to visit its store in Michigan. If you’re far from the location, you can ship your items to them. If you have a large collection, they’ll come to you.

Once your item(s) arrives, they’ll evaluate and make an offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll get paid.

Kruk Cards recommend making an appointment before coming into their store. They don’t always have someone with the ability to purchase cards.

9. Otia

Otia is another place to sell sports cards online. However, they only buy pre-1975 vintage sports cards. Otia claims to pay more for vintage sports cards than any other company in the United States.

The best thing about Otia is they’ll buy your entire collection without choosing only the best ones. They have over 20 years of experience in buying collections.

The selling process is pretty straightforward.

  • Describe your collection via email, phone call, or any of the social media messaging platforms.
  • Send them a few photos of your collection.
  • Submit an asking price.

The payment options are cash, check, and PayPal. You can recommend Otia to your friends to get a 10% finder’s fee of the purchase price.

10. TonyeTrade

TonyeTrade makes it easy to sell sports cards. They buy and sell vintage baseball cards, sports cards, and comics directly from you.

To sell sports cards, you’ll have to contact TonyeTRade to schedule an initial consultation. They’ll evaluate your collection following an initial consultation. You’ll get paid on the spot.

Moreover, TonyeTrade can consign your items and help you find a buyer. Therefore, TonyeTrade can be a great place to sell sports cards.

11. Steel City Collectibles

Steel City Collectibles buys trading cards, including unopened/factory-sealed hobby and retail boxes and cases, high-end singles and graded cards, authenticated autographs, common autographs, and non-manufacturer relic cards in bulk.

To get started, you have to browse their most wanted buying list to see what they’re currently buying and at what price. You can add the items you want to sell and choose how you want to be paid.

Once they accept your sale, they’ll provide you with the address to ship your items. Once your items arrive at their warehouse, buying specialists will evaluate them. After that, they’ll send your payment using your chosen payment method.

How To Sell Sports Cards Locally?

If you prefer to sell sports cards locally, here are some of the best places.

12. Card Shows

You can consider visiting card shows to sell sports cards locally. You’ll find many dealers and collectors who’ll love to inspect your collection. You may find some dealers and collectors interested in buying your collection.

The National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) is an annual gathering of collectors, dealers, and any other groups interested in collecting trading cards, autographs, and other related memorabilia. You can attend such gatherings to sell sports cards.

13. OfferUp

OfferUp is one of the best places to sell sports cards locally. OfferUp helps you to connect with local buyers.

To get started, you have to download the OfferUp app. It’s available on both App Store and Google Play Store. After installing the app, you’ll be able to create a listing. You can upload photos with a brief description. Also, you’ll be able to set the asking price.

OfferUp has a built-in messaging system to communicate with potential buyers. You can negotiate the price with the potential buyers. There are no listing fees. However, you’ll have to pay a 12.9% service fee.

14. Facebook Groups & Marketplace

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. It has more than 2.9 billion monthly active users.

There are many Facebook Groups available specializing in buying and selling sports cards. You can join these groups and connect with potential buyers. However, there is a risk of scammers. Fortunately, there is a scammers database that helps you to avoid scammers.

Facebook has a feature called “Marketplace” where you can enlist your sports cards for sale. You’ll find many potential buyers within your locality.

15. Local Sports Cards Shop

Lastly, you can consider visiting your local sports cards shop. There are many advantages to selling sports cards at local sports cards shop, such as:

  • No shipping
  • Payment on the spot
  • No waiting for the buyers

It may be a convenient way to sell sports cards, but the buyback offer will be lower than in other places. It’s because they’ll resell sports cards.

What Types of Sports Cards are Valuable?

A sports card’s value depends on rarity. Pre-1975 vintage sports cards can be the most valuable as they’re rare.

Also, you can have the most value for modern cards, autographed cards, and limited editions for famous athletes.

The prices for sports cards vary from $20 to $25,000. For the rarest sports cards, you can earn even more.


As you can see, there are many places to sell sports cards. No matter what option you choose, you can sell sports cards. However, you’ll have to pick the best places to make maximum profit.

How do you choose the best place to sell sports cards? You can compare each place’s fees. It’ll help you to determine how much profit you’ll make.

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