15 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

Are you looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas? Yes? You’re at the right place. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that you can buy for under $10.

Christmas is a joyful event in our life. On this day, we celebrate with our loved ones. We decorate our houses and give gifts. Christmas gifts are costly if you don’t buy cheap Christmas gifts. Sometimes we have to break our budget for buying Christmas gifts. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of cheap Christmas gift ideas under $10.

If you don’t want to break your savings, you’ll find this list helpful. Here I’ve accumulated some cheap yet beautiful Christmas gift ideas that won’t hurt your budget.

So, let’s see which are cheap Christmas gift ideas under $10. At the end of this article, there is a pro tip available to save more money on Christmas shopping.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

1. Scented Candles

Scented Candles can be a great Christmas gift to present to your friends. Scented Candles fill up the whole home with flower fragrance. The best thing about a scented candle is it burns for approximately 15 to 20 hours. You can get scented candles for under $10.

2. Mug Warmer

If you want to give something to your office colleagues on Christmas, give them a Mug Warmer. An electric mug warmer can help your colleagues to heat their coffee instantly. They can easily use mug warmers at home and office simultaneously.

3. Silky Sating Pillowcases

You can give your loved ones a set of silky satin pillowcases to make their sleeping experience better. You’ll find luxury pillowcases for hair and skin, wrinkle, and fade resistance. You’ll find a set of silky satin pillowcases for under $10.

4. Sports Water Bottle

Sports water bottles are helpful for gym-goers, athletes, and those who do exercise regularly. If you know any of them, you can give her or him a sports water bottle on Christmas. A sports water bottle doesn’t cost much.

5. Digital Luggage Scale

Have you ever experienced luggage issues at the airport? No? At some point, you or your friends might experience excess luggage issues while traveling. In that case, a digital luggage scale can help your friends to prevent any luggage issues at the airport. If you have a friend who loves to travel, you can give her or him a digital scale on Christmas. You can get a digital luggage scale for under $10 on Amazon.

6. Drawing Book

You can gift children a drawing book who loves to draw. You’ll get a drawing book very cheaply. I know it’s not a pleasant gift, but some kids may love it.

7. Personalized Keychain

You can gift your friends and family members a personalized keychain. Personalized keychains bear the name of your friends and family members. As it’s bear the name of your recipient, making it unique and special.

8. Hand Cream Set

A set of hand creams can be a delightful Christmas gift for your friends and family members. Hand creams soften the hands and leave the skin irresistible to touch. In winter, it can be a pleasant gift for people. A set of hand creams is inexpensive yet helpful.

9. Netflix Subscription

Netflix is the world’s largest streaming service. You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows on Netflix. You can gift a Netflix subscription to your friends or family members. Netflix subscription plan starts from $3.99 a month. Therefore, it’s a great gift to give on this year’s Christmas.

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10. Scarves

Scarves are a fashionable accessory for the summer look. It provides comfort around your neck and gives you a stylish look in any outfit. You can present scarves to your friends and family members on this year’s Christmas. If you purchase in bulk, it’ll cost you $1 each.

11. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are super useful for those who take special care of their skins. When bath bombs are dissolved in water, they release citric acid, which fizzes up and helps loosen damaged layers of skin. Bath bombs make bathing more colorful and fascinating.

12. Thermal Socks

During the winter season, thermal socks are super handy. Thermal socks can be used for outdoor sports, going to the office, and keeping warm in winter. You can gift a pair of thermal socks to your husband or kids.

13. AirPods Case

For those who can’t live without their AirPods, having an AirPod case is handy for them. If anyone in your family or friendzone is obsessed with AirPods, you can give him or her an AirPods case.

14. Hand Sanitizer

Sanitization is important to keep us away from germs and viruses. A set of mini hand sanitizers can be a great Christmas gift this year. You can present some hand sanitizers to your friends and neighbors.

15. Cardholder Wallet

Cardholder wallets help to keep all the cards in one place. Even cardholder wallets are RFID protected so that nobody can scan the card’s details.

Special Tip To Save Money On Christmas Shopping

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Christmas is a fun holiday there is no doubt about it. But Christmas comes with a lot of spending. By providing cheap Christmas gifts, you can save some money.

As you can see, I’ve introduced some cheap Christmas gift ideas that’ll help you to save some money. All you have to do is choose the best Christmas gift ideas that are convenient for you.

If you have some cheap Christmas gift ideas, comment below. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends. Let them save money on this year’s Christmas.

Happy Christmas To You!

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