How To Get Free Shampoo Samples: 13 Legit Ways

Are you looking for legit ways to get free shampoo samples? Yes? Here are some legit ways to snag free shampoo samples by mail.

Generally, shampoo is used for cleaning hair. It’s an essential element for hair care. However, shampoo doesn’t come cheaply.

Fortunately, many hair care companies are available that offer free shampoo samples. All you have to do is request free shampoo samples.

You may wonder why companies give away free shampoo samples. Well, it’s one kind of marketing strategy. They won’t give you a full-size bottle of shampoo. You’ll get shampoo samples that may last two or four washes. Sometimes, you may receive a full-size shampoo bottle.

Recently, I’ve shared some legit ways to get free samples of toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, perfume, and cologne. Today, I’ll share some legit ways to get free shampoo samples.

So, let’s see how to get free shampoo samples.

Companies That Give Free Shampoo Samples

Hair care companies often offer free shampoo samples through contests and giveaways. Also, they give away shampoo samples on special occasions.

Here are some hair care companies that give free shampoo samples.

1. Pantene

Pantene is one of the best hair care companies. This company is widely known for its shampoo and conditioner. You might be one of their customers.

Is there any way to get free shampoo samples from Pantene? The answer is yes. Pantene offers print-at-home coupons, samples, and newspaper coupons at P&G Good Everyday. However, Pantene doesn’t give free samples every day. You’ll have to check out the offer page often.

2. L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris is another beauty brand that is widely known for shampoo. When it comes to offering free stuff, L’Oréal Paris is pretty generous.

You’ll have to create an account to access L’Oréal Paris’s best deals and offers. They often give away shampoo samples to their loyal customers. They’ll notify you via email if there are any freebie offers available.

3. Aveda

Aveda is a cosmetic company that produces high-quality shampoos and conditioners. Aveda is very generous when it comes to giving free samples. You can get free shampoo samples both online and in-store.

If you visit an Aveda store, ask at the beauty counter whether they’re willing to give free shampoo samples. Many customers reported that they received free shampoo samples by asking.

You can check out is exclusive offers page to get free shampoo samples. If you make an online purchase, you’ll receive a free sample.

4. TRESemmé

TRESemmé is another hair care company that produces shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and hair spray. If you’re a big fan of TRESemmé products, you might want to get free shampoo samples.

Is there any way to get free shampoo samples from TRESemmé? The answer is yes. All you have to do is sign up and get the latest exclusive offers.

Other Ways To Get Free Shampoo Samples

Until now, we’ve seen many hair care companies that give away free shampoo samples. Apart from companies, there are many ways to get free shampoo samples.

5. PINCHme

When it comes to getting free stuff by mail, PINCHme is one of the best options. PINCHme sends out free samples by mail. There’s no credit card required.

You’ll receive products from well-known brands, including P&G and L’Oréal. They have new samples available each month.

To get started, you’ll have to complete your profile. After that, you’ll be able to claim the samples you want. You may not find shampoo samples every month. In exchange for samples, you have to share your honest feedback. However, it’s not mandatory but highly recommended.

6. CVS Beauty Club

CVS Beauty Club is a loyalty program of CVS. Being a member of this loyalty program, you’ll be able to get free samples and deals. It’s free to join this loyalty program. However, it’s only available in the United States.

7. BzzAgent

BzzAgent works similarly to PINCHme. You’ll receive sample products from your favorite brands, including L’Oréal. It’s free to join BzzAgent.

To get started, you have to tell them about your interests. After that, you’ll get invited to try products. They’ll send you invitations to participate in campaigns. You have to answer a few questions to apply for campaigns. If you’re chosen for a campaign, you’ll receive a confirmation email. It’ll take 1-3 weeks to ship your items.

After using the product you received, you’ll have to submit your honest review. They’ll let you know how to post reviews as per the campaign’s posting instructions.

8. Vocalpoint

Vocalpoint is another product testing site that works similarly to BzzAgent and PINCHme. You’ll get product samples in exchange for your opinions.

According to the site, Vocalpoint is like a product lover’s playground, where your voice has the power to impact brands and influence others. Being a member, you’ll get to try new products. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get shampoo samples. It’s free to join.

9. Become a Product Tester

Nowadays, companies are eager to know about their products. They hire product testers like you to get opinions. It helps them to understand how good their products are. In exchange for your opinion, you’ll get to try new products.

All you have to do is become a product tester for a company. After that, you’ll receive testing offers from the company. Here are some of the best places to become a product tester:

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get selected for the testing campaigns. It is because the company may target a specific demographic. It doesn’t mean there’s no hope to participate in product testing campaigns.

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10. Freebie Sites

When you’re trying to snag free stuff online, freebie sites are one of the best places to check out. Freebie sites list up-to-date freebie offers in one place. All you have to do is apply for free stuff.

Here are a few freebie sites to look for free shampoo samples:

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll always find free shampoo samples listed on freebie sites. Freebie offers come and go. For that reason, you should apply for freebie offers as soon as possible.

11. Coupon Sites

Coupon sites help you to find coupons that lower the cost of products. Before purchasing shampoo, consider using coupon sites. You can save up to 70% on your shopping.

Here are some of the best coupon sites:

Coupon sites can help you to get a full-size shampoo bottle at a discounted price.

12. Follow Hair Care Brands on Social Media

Nowadays, almost all brands have a presence on social media platforms. They publish coupons, giveaways, and discount offers on their social media accounts. All you have to do is follow them on social media platforms to get free shampoo samples.

Here are a few brands to follow:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Pantene
  • TRESemmé
  • L’Oréal Paris
  • Garnier

All of these brands have accounts on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Be sure to follow them to get the latest news.

13. Contact Companies Directly

Lastly, you can contact companies directly to get free shampoo samples. However, it’s not guaranteed that the companies will be generous to give you free samples. It doesn’t mean there’s no hope.

Sometimes, companies would love to give new products to their loyal customers to try. If you’re lucky, you might get free shampoo samples.

How can you contact companies? Well, there are many ways to contact companies, such as via email, phone calls, or chat. Always ask for samples in a request tone. Don’t be haughty while asking for free shampoo samples.


As you can see, there are many ways to get free shampoo samples. All you have to do is use the best ways that are convenient for you.

The best way to find free shampoo samples is by checking out freebie sites. They always list up-to-date freebie offers from all over the internet. When you see free shampoo sample offers, act fast. You’re not the only person who is hunting for free shampoo samples.

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