10 Best Captcha Jobs Online – Earn Up To $500 Per Month

Captcha jobs are the best job to do from home. Because you don’t have to do many things in this job. All you need is an internet connection, mobile or computer.

If you are looking for an online job then I will surely recommend captcha jobs. You don’t need to give much effort into it. Just see and write. That’s it.

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I have checked lots of captcha job sites and found 10 best captcha job sites for you. Based on ratings and reviews, I choose these 10 best captcha job sites. If you work on these sites, I can assure you will earn legit money from these sites.

What is captcha?

Simply captcha is a human verification process. It is just created to identify whether the user is human or not. Lots of times people use some kind of robot software to surf on the internet. That is why this captcha process created.

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That identifies whether user robot or human. That prevents websites from spam. It is very helpful for internet website owners.

How to earn money from captcha jobs?

Many people or companies want to signup thousands of websites on the internet. But that is a time-consuming thing. That is why they use software for it. But there is no software that will solve captcha for them.

That is why they need humans to solve captcha for them.

When their software signup on any website, they send a captcha image to captcha solvers. You will get a few times to solve those captchas. You have to exactly write what shown on the image. For doing this they will pay you money.

Lots of websites giving up to $2 for 1000 captcha solve. You can do that on every website the whole day. It will take a few times to solve those captchas.

10 Best Captcha Jobs Online

1. 2Captcha

2captcha is a very good site for doing a captcha job. It will give you up to $2 for 1000 captchas. There is no fixed amount to earn from this site. This site earning amount change every day. But it will give you the best money than other sites.

For normal image captchas, you will earn up to $0.4 per 1000 captchas. For recaptchas you will earn up to $2 per 1000 recpatchas. For normal captchas, you will get 20.7 seconds and for ReCaptcha, you will get 1.1 seconds.

You can withdraw your money via WebMoney, perfect money, bitcoin, advcash, uphold.com, Payeer, and Airtm.

This is the best site to do captcha job. It will give you the best money for captchas. Try it today.

2. Mega Typers

Megatypers is the another best website to do captcha jobs. Because it is paying lots of money for typing. Their top typers earning $100 to $200 per month. You can be the one amongst them if you type really well.

There is no working schedule to work on this site. Whenever you want to work, you can do that. There is no schedule. It is all upon you when you want to do work on this site and how much you want to do. If you work more, you will earn more.

Megatypers best for:

  • Mothers that stay at home
  • Parents that need a second job
  • People in between jobs
  • Students

Megatypers payment rates start from $0.45 type credits for each 1000 word images typed, it can go as high as up to $1.5 for every 1000 words typed.

They will pay you via debit cards, bank checks, PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza, and western union. So if you are a good writer you can earn legit money from this site. This website is available for anyone. Try this one.

3. Pro Typers

ProTypers is similar to Megatypers. It is giving what mega typers give. Megatypers and protypers similar websites. One thing that not similar is megatypers need invitation code to signup but in protypers you don’t need invitation code to signup.

Both websites is very good for captcha jobs. If you wish you can work on both sites.

4. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo in the market since 2007. They are not planning to shut down their business. Kolotibablo is firmly made for solving captchas. So it is one of the best websites to do captcha jobs.

If you thinking about how much you can earn from this site then I would like to tell you, you can earn up to $20 per week. You just need to solve 3300 captchas per day. It will give you $20 per week. If you work hard you can earn up to $100 per month.

5. Qlinkgroup

Qlinkgroup is a 2-word captcha service and the words are case sensitive. They pay money weekly and you have to type 800 captchas per week for payment. Also if you don’t log in for 4 weeks, your account will be removed.

6. Captcha Typers

Captcha typers is another best site to earn money from captcha jobs. Per month you can earn up to $200 easily from this site. It will depend on you, how much time you can give this website.

If you want to join this site, you have to mail them for joining then they will send you login information. You have to type fast or else your account will be banned for 30 minutes if you miss any captcha.

7. Pixprofit

Pixprofit is another website to work as a captcha solver. But this website registration closed now. You need to check this site regularly for whether it is activated registration or not. It will tell you when the website will active registration for new users.

8. The Smart Crowd

The smart crowd is a very good site for solving tasks. They will give you lots of ways to earn money from them. Like data entry, language testing, data research, and more.

They will pay you money once a month. Your earnings will depend on the task. For different tasks, there are different earnings. Try it.

9. Fiverr

Although Fiverr is a freelancing site, you can also do a captcha job here. You don’t need to much work to get a captcha job. All you need to do is join Fiverr and offer captcha solving service. That’s it. The best thing about this site is you can claim as much money as you want.

10. Captcha Club

Captcha club can be another best website to do captcha jobs. Here you can do other jobs apart from captcha jobs. You will be paid through PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, and Bank transfer.

How to make $500 from captcha jobs?

If you really want to make $500 from captcha jobs then you need to join all of these sites. When you will join all of these sites, you will get money from different websites. So, I will recommend joining all of these sites to make $500 per month easily.

What are the flaws Of Captcha Jobs?

Captcha entry job is one of the best ways to make money online. However, there are a few flaws about captcha entry jobs such as:

  • Less Money: You can’t expect to make lots of money by doing captcha jobs. Captcha entry sites will pay you around $1-$2 per 1,000 captchas. If you are happy with this amount then go ahead.
  • Test Your Patience: Captcha jobs will test your patience in order to make money. Because you have to type captchas patiently without making mistakes.
  • Captchas Don’t Count: Capctah workers often complain captchas don’t count when payments are made.
  • Spammy Websites: There are lots of websites available that claim to pay you money by doing captcha entry jobs. However, a lot of them are spammy websites. That is why you need to beware of spammy captcha entry sites.

There are a few flaws in captcha jobs. However, it is one of the best ways to make money using your spare time. You must have heard “Something is better than nothing”. So, use captcha entry jobs to make some extra money.


Captcha jobs are the best way to earn some extra money. It is best for students and housewives. If you thinking you will earn lots of money then I would like to inform you that you are not going to earn a huge amount of money from these captcha jobs. It will just give you some money for completing small tasks.

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If you want to earn money from your idle time then captcha jobs are the best for you to earn money from home. You can do that from everywhere. The most important thing is you don’t have to work according to sites, whenever you wish, you can do that.

Hopefully, this article help you to know about captcha jobs and legit captcha sites. If you find it helpful then share it with your friends. Let me know in the comment section what do you think about the captcha jobs.

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