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How To Get Paid To Date Online: 12 Best Ways (Up To $165/hr)

Have you ever thought about getting paid to date online? No? Here are some of the best ways to get paid to date online.

If you’re a person who loves to meet new people, you can pursue this side hustle. There are numerous ways available to make extra money by dating. That’s even without physical intimacy.

In the era of the internet, there are lots of dating sites and apps available. All you have to do is choose the best dating sites or apps that are convenient for you.

The best thing about this side hustle is you don’t have to be a good-looking person. With your average appearance, you can earn money.

However, it’s an unconventional way to make extra money. For that reason, you need to know everything about this side hustle. Here I’m going to tell you everything about this side hustle. Therefore, stick with this article till the end.

Is This an Escort Service?

Before going further, you need to know that it’s not an escort service. Dating sites and apps help people to find someone to accompany them. So, you can’t say it’s an escort service.

There are numerous people available who don’t have time to socialize. Or they have no interest in committed relationships. These are the people who use dating sites or apps to find people like you to accompany them. In exchange, they’ll pay you a good amount of money.

What Will Your Job?

Before getting into this side hustle, you need to know what’ll your job is. You have to hook up with someone to get paid. You don’t have to get into physical intimacy.

All you have to do is spend a few hours with a person. Also, you can be someone’s valentine. Therefore, sign up to dating sites or apps to make extra money.

How To Get Paid To Date Online?

As I said earlier, there are legit ways available to get paid to date online. Now, you need to know how you’ll get paid to date online.

There are numerous dating sites and apps available. Dating sites and apps work in different ways.

  • Bidding/Auction: Male or females can participate in bidding to get their desired partners on a date. The highest bidder will win the race.
  • Classified Dating Sites: Such dating sites will allow males and females to post dating ads while describing their preference for dating.
  • Dating Apps: One of the most popular dating apps is Tinder. These apps help people to find partners. However, these dating apps either have a subscription fee or a premium membership fee.

You can use all of these ways to get paid to date online. Only choose the way that is convenient for you.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn?

We can’t measure how much can you earn? It depends on several factors. You can expect to earn $100 on average on a date. It can go as much as $500. You need to understand this industry is all about appearance. If your appearance is good, you can demand more from your partners.

Some dating sites will pay you after the date. On the other hand, some will pay you in advance.

The Best Dating Sites and Apps

Here we’ve landed on our main segment. To start your dating business, you need to find legit dating sites and apps. To make your job easier, I’ve found some of the best dating sites and apps.

1. RentAFriend

First of all, RentAFriend is not a dating site. It’s a website that allows you to rent local friends from all around the world. It’s strictly a platonic friendship website.

You can rent friends for:

  • Hang out with you
  • Go to a movie or restaurant with you
  • Go to a party or event with you

You have to do the above things to make money on this platform. You can earn up to $50 per hour plus free meals, concerts, sporting events, and more. You can set your hours, price, and work whenever you want. Also, you’ll be able to keep 100% of your earnings.

To get started, you have to fill out an online application. Once you’re approved, your profile will be live on RentAFriend. If anyone wants to hire you as a friend, they can contact you directly. After that, you can negotiate time, price, and activity with the member.

2. RentADate

RentADate is yet another platform to get paid to date online. They’re the nation’s largest service providing outstanding companions for social events, functions, and nights on the town. Even you can get paid to date a millionaire on this platform.

One of the best things about this platform is you can choose your dating partner in your locality. RentADate hires both males and females from aged 18 years to 75 years old. Even you can preselect your pickup and drop location for your dates.

Also, you’ll get the opportunity to select your dating rates. After each date, the company will get back to the client to know how the date went. Then you’ll get your payment. You can earn from $125 per hour.

3. ProDate

ProDate is one of the best platforms to get paid to date online. You can go on dates with generous men or women and get paid in cash. To become eligible for this platform, you need to be from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa. You can earn a few hundred or thousands per month.

To get started, you need to create a free profile. Once you’re approved, you can start accepting date requests. Also, you can browse requests from verified clients who want to pay to date you. You can chat with your dates to confirm the date. When you meet the client, take the full payment. If the client doesn’t pay you, cancel the date and notify them.

You can set the price as well as keep 100% of your earnings. Also, you have to upload six of your best pictures.

4. Ohlala

Ohlala is another dating platform that’ll help you to make extra money. It’s a unique community for dating, photos, and videos.

The signup process is super simple. All you have to do is provide some basic information. If you’re a handsome man, you can offer a dating service.

Even you can become an influencer and create a monthly passive income with beautiful photos. Also, you’ll get paid on time.

5. WhatsYourPrice

What’sYourPrice is one of the best platforms to get paid to date online. If you want to get paid to talk to lonely guys, consider using this website. WhatsYourPrice has more than 4 million members.

To get started, you have to create an account. It’ll take a few minutes to create an account. After that, build up your profile by adding attractive photos. It’ll take up to 24 hours to approve your account.

Once approved, you can receive dating requests and communicate with your dating interests. You can earn $125 on average per date.

6. MissTravel

MissTravel is a unique dating site. It’s one of the largest online travel dating communities. If you love to travel, you can get paid to work as a travel partner.

First of all, you need to join this platform. After signing up, create your profile and upload a few photos. Then you can explore their millions of members and connect with your ideal travel companion.

If you don’t frighten to travel with a person and visit new places, you should join this platform. Before joining this platform, make sure to read their travel guidelines.

7. TourBar

If you want to date tourists in your locality, you can join this platform. It is firmly created for travelers who want to date and hang out with local ladies. Your job is to show them your favorite places, beaches, local clubs, bars, and restaurants. If you’re living in a tourists city, your income will be high.

Tourbar‘s popular destinations are:

  • United States
  • Turkey
  • India
  • France
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Thailand
  • Egypt
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Australia

To get started, you have to create an account. It’ll take a few minutes to get approved. Also, you can upload your beautiful photos to attract people. When you connect with a person, you can negotiate the price and other demands.

8. RentAGent

RentAGent is probably among the very few websites where a man can also offer a dating service. They are recruiting Rental Gents across the US and Canada. They’re seeking handsome, charming, and accomplished gentlemen.

To become a Gent for rent, you have to fill out an online application. You have to upload a photo as well. However, you have to pay the $50 processing fee to submit your application. You can expect to earn $100 an hour.

9. MyBunnyDate

MyBunnyDate is another dating site for gorgeous women to get paid. It’s an auction-based dating site. People can bid for the dates on this platform. The highest bidder will win the auction.

First of all, you need to create your profile on this platform. After that, people can bid on your profile to go on date with you. The highest bidder will win the chance to go on a date with you.

If you have a good-looking personality, you can join this platform. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to accept or reject the date. Moreover, only generous members will be charged.

10. PricePointDate

PricePointDate is one of the trusted dating sites out there. PricePointDate is for generous men to find dates. On the other hand, attractive ladies can make money by going on dates.

First of all, you need to set up your profile. It’ll take 2 minutes to complete. After that, you’ll get offers from generous men who want to go on a date with you. All you have to do is accept offers. You can receive the payment directly.

11. Tinder

Tinder is a well-known dating app. Tinder works differently than all other dating sites and apps. If you like a person’s profile, you swipe right. If you dislike a person’s profile, you swipe left.

If both of you like each other’s profiles, you can start messaging. If you want to get paid to date on Tinder, your hirer needs to be a paid member.

12. Her

Her is one of the best dating apps for LGBTQ+ women and queer folks. Her app is available on iOS and Android.

You can use your email address or Facebook account to log in to Her app. You can connect with queer women and find LGBTQ+ events near you. Therefore, join millions of LGBTQ+ women right now.

Honorable Mentions of Dating Apps

Besides the above dating apps, there are a few more dating apps available. If the above dating apps or sites don’t work for you, you can try the below apps.

Important Safety Tips For Dating Jobs

As you can see, there are lots of ways to get paid to date online. You get to know about the best dating sites and apps. It’s time to learn important safety tips for dating jobs.

  • Don’t Disclose Your Real Identity: Whenever you go on a date, never disclose your real identity. You don’t have to disclose your identity. Even dating sites and apps don’t appreciate this.
  • Meet in Public Places: If your date wants to meet in private places, never accept that. Always meet in public places.
  • Never Take A Ride: After the date, never take a ride from your partner. Always take a cab or use public transport.
  • Tell Your Friends or Family Members: Whenever you go on a date, let your friends or family members know where you’re going.
  • Follow Your Feeling: If you feel something fishy on a date, leave immediately.
  • Pepper Spray: You can carry pepper spray for your safety. Carrying pepper spray is legal and can be purchased legally.

Surely you can make extra money by going on dates. Before that, you need to take safety precautions. By following these safety tips, you can make yourself safe.



As you can see, it’s possible to get paid to date online. You can earn quite a good amount of money by doing this side hustle. All you need to have is a good-looking personality that is enough to attract people.

You can make over $1,000 per month by doing this job if you’re fortunate. My humble request is don’t take it as your primary job. Only take it as a side gig.

Hopefully, this article helped you to know about the best ways to get paid to date online. If you found it helpful, share it with your friends.

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