10 Best Ways To Get Paid To Get Tattoos (Up To $10,000)

Have you ever thought about getting paid for getting tattoos on your body? No? Here I’ve found some of the best ways to get paid to get tattoos on your body.

When I say you can get paid to get tattoos on your body, what is your reaction? You may not believe it. The fact is there are several ways available to get paid to get tattoos on your body. All you have to do is choose the best way that is convenient for you.

Many companies are willing to pay you for getting an image on your head or any other body parts to advertise their products and services. All you have to do is list your body as a human billboard on the dedicated sites.

Before being involved in this business, you have to understand all the aspects of getting paid for tattoos. For that reason, I’m writing this article. I’ll try my level best to teach you how to get paid by getting tattoos.

What is Skin Advertising or Skinvertising?

Skin advertising is popular in the name of “Skinvertising.” Skin Advertising is the practice of placing ads on visible parts of your body. The people who are working in the Skinvertising, they’re known as Skinvertisers or Human Billboards.

Companies will hire you to promote their products and services by placing an image on your body part. It can be your face, hand, forehead, or any other parts of your body. However, you’ll get the chance to choose where you want the tattoo.

It can be either a temporary or permanent tattoo. It depends on both parties. This advertising strategy is getting popular over time. For that reason, there are several ways available to get paid to get tattoos.

How Much Do Tattoo Models Earn?

A tattoo model earns around $70,000 a year on average. However, a tattoo model’s earnings depend on several factors.

Here are a few factors:

  • Whether the tattoos are temporary or permanent
  • How much you charge per tattoo
  • The number of tattoos you place on your body
  • The platform you use to get paid to get tattoos

A temporary tattoo will help you to earn a couple of hundred bucks. On the other hand, a permanent tattoo will help you to earn up to $10,000. If you want to make huge money, opt for a permanent tattoo.

Moreover, if you have a large number o followers on social media platforms, you can earn more money for temporary tattoos. You can promote your tattoos with your followers. In that case, you can bid higher for tattoos.

The Best Companies That Pay For Tattoo Advertising

As I said earlier, brands are adapting to this new strategy to promote their products and services. Apart from the below sites, you can personally reach out to brands. You can get started with these platforms.

So, let’s see which are the best companies to get paid to get tattoos.

1. LeaseYourBody

When it comes to getting paid to get tattoos, LeaseYourBody comes first on the list. It is fully dedicated to Skinvertising.

There was a time when people were looking for a platform to get paid to get tattoos. But there were none. In 2005, LeaseYourBody came into the market. By using this online platform, people can find advertisers who are looking for Skinvertisers.

LeaseYourBody is a mediator between companies and Skinvertisers. The best thing about this platform is you get to choose where you want to get tattoos. It can be your face, forehead, neck, arms, hands, back, and legs. Also, you can choose whether you want it temporary or permanent.

According to LeaseYourBody, it offers payment rates between $100 to $5,000 per tattoo. The more tattoos you get, the more you’ll earn. However, they charge a 30% fee.

To get started, you need to create a free account. While creating your account, you have to answer some questions. What are these questions? These questions are: What kind of tattoo you would love to get, whether you want to get a temporary or permanent tattoo. Also, you have to include your asking rate. As soon as you fill in the details, they’ll start the bidding process.

Companies will then start bidding for your body spaces. The company that bids higher will win the race. Then the company will give you a design to tattoo on your body within a specific time.

After cutting their 30% commission, they’ll send 70% to your bank account or online transfer. Most of the participants charge between $200 to $1,000 per tattoo. You can also expect to earn this much.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelancing marketplace. Freelancers from all over the world using this marketplace to sell their services to clients. You can also offer your service by creating a gig for free.

First of all, you have to create an account and build your profile. After that, you can create a gig to offer your service to a wide range of clients. Fiverr allows its users to choose a gig price range anywhere between $5 to $995. However, Fiverr will take a 20% commission from your earnings.

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3. eBay

eBay is one of the best places to buy and sell used stuff online. However, it can be a great place to sell your body spaces. At the time of writing this article, eBay is available in over 33 countries. eBay has more than 200 million active users. You can auction your skin to eBay users.

First of all, you have to sign up. After that, you have to create an auction for the tattoo space on your body. After receiving bids from the clients, you can choose the highest bidder. eBay has got lots of Skinvertising success stories.

In 2005, a person named “Andrew Fisher” put his forehead for sale on eBay as advertising space. He received $37,375 to advertise the snoring remedy for 30 days, SnoreStop.

In the same year, Karolyn Smith auctioned her forehead for $10,000 for a permanent tattoo. A Canadian gambling company won the bid. And she walks away with $10,000. After that, she was known for “Forehead Goldie.”

You can also do the same. However, eBay will take a 10% commission from your earnings.

4. HostGator

HostGator is a popular web hosting service provider. HostGator adapted Skinvertising strategy to promote their service.

William Mel Gibby is known as “Billy The Human Billboards.” HostGator is one of his highest-paying clients. HostGator’s deal is so good that he has legally changed his name to “HostGator Dotcom.” For that reason, HostGator had to pay him $15,000.

Even today, HostGator uses strategy to promote its service. Currently, HostGator pays around $4,000 per tattoo. Of course, pay rates depend on several factors like the size of the tattoo and the place.

5. Craigslist

When it comes to selling stuff locally, Craigslist is one of the best marketplaces. Even though there are several sites like Craigslist available, Craigslist is the best advertising platform. Recently, they have crossed a landmark which is 20 billion monthly page views.

Craigslist will allow you to advertise your service to millions of people. And you don’t have to pay any money to them. However, you have to pay a 5% selling fee to Craigslist. You can charge up to $10,000 for your tattoos.

6. Social Media Platforms

Who doesn’t use social media platforms in the 21st century? Billions of people using social media platforms every day. For that reason, promoting Skinvertising service on social media platforms is a good strategy.

Which are the best social media platforms to promote Skinvertising? As you know, there are a bunch of social media platforms available out there. Every social media platforms are not well-suited to promote Skinvertising.

Here are a few social media platforms to promote Skinvertising:

These are the best social media platforms to promote Skinvertising. Also, you can follow brands like HostGator and Toyota to find Skinvertising deals.

Tattoo Advertising 40k Per Forehead

There are more ways available to get paid to get tattoos. Companies will pay you money to advertise their products and services on your body.

7. Toyota

Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. In 2004, Toyota used this strategy to sell a newly launched car. They hired 40 young adults to draw some pay-me tattoos on their foreheads. They gave $11 per hour to those young adults. The tattoo included the car’s brand name, model, and price.

This strategy of Toyota lasted for 3 hours. A year later, a European youth TV channel adopted this strategy to market their channel in cities like London, Glasgow, and Leeds. That shows this marketing strategy is becoming popular.

8. Red Sun Cigarettes

Red Sun Cigarettes is a New York-based tobacco company. Back in 2015, this company has launched its “Extremely Nicotine Campaign” that challenged people to draw their sun logo on their bodies.

For just participating, every contestant makes $1,500. The best tattoo won $5,000. Also, dedicated participants earned $3,000. Therefore, try out Red Sun’s Extremely Nicotine Campaign to earn exciting cash prizes.

9. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand. To promote their airline, they came up with a unique ad campaign called “Cranial Billboards.” People have to shave their heads and put a temporary tattoo on the backside of their heads.

Many people applied to participate in the campaign. They only selected 30 people for the campaign. What were the rewards? Either get $777 in cash or a round trip in New Zealand, worth about $1,200. Among the participants, California’s legal secretary Terry Gardener was one.

10. FeelUnique

FeelUnique is a beauty website that paid both men and women to wink at strangers. They all had to tattoo a website address on their eyelids. To display this address, they all bagged $149.

More than 100 people applied to participate. They invited only ten people to join the campaign. Subscribe to their newsletter to get such opportunities.


As you can see, there are many ways to get paid to get tattoos. All you have to do is choose the best ways that are convenient for you.

If you don’t mind getting a tattoo on your body, you should opt for this side hustle. If not, you can find other ways to make extra money.

Hopefully, this article helped you to know about the best ways to get paid to get tattoos. If you found it helpful, share it with your friends. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment box.

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