Photomath: Get Paid To Solve Math Problems ($500+/week)

Did you ever think about getting paid to solve math problems? No? Photomath will help you to get paid to solve math problems.

If you are good at algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, elementary math, you should use Photomath to make extra money. If you are good at math, you should use your skill to make money online.

If you’re already familiar with Photomath, you know how legit it is. This platform will allow you to earn over $500 a week by solving math problems online. The best part of this platform is that you can work whenever and wherever you want.

If you haven’t heard about Photomath earlier, I got you covered. Here I’m writing a review sort of thing about Photomath. This article will help you to understand everything about Photomath. Most importantly, how to make money using the Photomath.

What is Photomath?

Photomath is a math learning app that is used all over the world. Also, it’s the most used math learning app in the world. Photomath’s mission is to help people understand math. It was created by an engineer dad named Damir to help his kids with their homework.

Photomath is an application that uses a smartphone’s camera to scan and recognize mathematical equations; later on, the app accurately solves and intuitively explains math problems to users through step-by-step explanations.

A user needs to scan the math problems, be it printed text or handwritten, and whether on textbooks, worksheets, or notes. The app quickly attempts to identify it. When the app recognized the problem, it’ll show the users solving steps. It’s an innovative idea to solve math problems.

Photomath is the world’s most used math app with over 270 million downloads. It’s available in both Google Play Store and App Store for free. To unlock premium features and content, users have to purchase a premium plan.

Is Photomath Legit?

Before moving forward, we need to know whether it is legit. Yes, Photomath is legit.

As I mentioned earlier, Photomath is the world’s most used math education app with over 270 million downloads. Also, this app solves millions of math problems per month. Photomath has a 4.6 rating on Google Play Store and a 4.8 rating on App Store. Most importantly, it has millions of positive reviews from its users.

Photomath helps students and teachers to solve a wide range of math topics, including:

  • Elementary Math
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Word problems
  • And many more

Therefore, we can say it’s a legit math learning app.

Who can Work as a Math Expert?

When it comes to working as a math expert, you need to master a couple of things. Photomath requires its math experts to have three things.

  1. You need to be good at advanced algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics.
  2. You need to be fluent in English as Photomath deals with international users.
  3. You need to commit a couple of extra hours each week.

Whoever has these three things can apply as a math expert. Photomath accepts math experts from all over the world.

What does a Photomath Expert Do?

As Photomath is a math solving app, a Photomath expert will solve the math problems. As a math expert, you have to solve various math problems and provide step-by-step solutions. Not only that, you have to explain thoroughly. Also, you may have to review the quality of various solved math problems.

I hope you’re crystal clear about the Photomath experts job. Let’s move forward!

How to become a Photomath Expert?

Photomath Solve Math Problems

First of all, you have to sign up with Photomath. The sign-up process is easy. You’ll need to have either a Google account or a Facebook account.

Once you create an account, you’ll need to pick categories. There are five categories of math problems which you can choose – Algebra, Elementary Math, Geometry, Calculus, and Statistics. If you’re good at all of these categories, you can choose all of them. There is no limit to how many categories you can pick.

Later on, you have to give a qualifying test. They want to see whether you’re an expert in the math field. Each math category consists of four parts.

  • Part 1: Qualifications Course which contains the English Proficiency Test and the Basics and Solving Skill test for the respective category.
  • Part 2: Teaching skill test.
  • Part 3: Training and it consists of a number of courses and exams depending on the category that you’ve chosen. 
  • Part 4: The final test.

If you pass the final test, they’ll make you a math expert. The whole process should be around 8 hours.

How many times can you take an exam? The number of times you can take an exam varies depending on the test. The number of tries for each test is the following:

  • English Proficiency – 5 times
  • Qualifications (Solving skill tests) – 6 times
  • Teaching Skill test – 3 times
  • Training exams – 3 times
  • Final test – 3 times

During the training period, they’ll teach you everything about how to solve math problems. They prepared a lot of documentation, examples, and guidelines to make it as simple as possible.

Once you pass all the tests, you’ll become a math expert. For your hard work in the process of becoming a math expert, you’ll receive an extra $20 on your first payment. After that, you can start earning money by solving and reviewing math problems.

Why does Photomath Hire Math Experts?

Photomath uses AI technology to scan, solve, and explain math problems to users through step-by-step explanations. Photomath app developers constantly update and improve the quality of this app by adding new features.

However, sometimes AI technology can’t solve the problems. Also, AI technology-provided solutions and steps need to be verified by math experts. For that reason, Photomath hires math experts to work with their AI technology. In return, Photomath compensates its experts depending on the number, type, and complexity of the problems they solve and review.

How much can you earn as a Math Expert?

According to Photomath, their math experts can earn $300+ per week depending on the hours they spend solving tasks. Also, top experts can earn $500+ per week.

The earnings depend on the number of successfully solved and reviewed math problems, math field, and the complexity of the tasks. Every math problem will have a predefined rate based on its complexity. Also, you’ll get a bonus for the visual content you provide. The more problem you solve, the more you’ll earn.

You can use its referral program to maximize your earnings. You can refer friends to Photomath to work as math experts. Whoever joins through your referral link and solve 100 tasks, you’ll earn $20.

Photomath pays its experts weekly via Payoneer. They’ll ask you to connect your payment account before the first payment.


Photomath is a great math learning app that’ll help you to earn extra money by solving math problems. It’s a revolutionary idea to solve math problems. You can become a part of this platform and make extra money.

If you’re good at solving math problems, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. All you need to do is spend a few hours each week.

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