How To Make Money With Quora (Complete Guide)

Do you want to know how to make money with Quora? Yes? You’re at the right place. Here is the complete guide for beginners to learn how to make money with Quora.

Quora is one type of social network where people ask and answer questions. Millions of people come to this platform to get their preferred answers. According to SimilarWeb, over 600 million visitors come to Quora each month.

How many of you know Quora can be used for making money? I suppose, a very few.

If you’re interested to learn about how to make money with Quora, you’re at the right place. Unfortunately, there are not many ways available to make money with Quora. There are a few ways to make money on Quora. We’ll discuss it very shortly.

How To Make Money With Quora: Step By Step

We’ll learn about how to make money with Quora step by step. It’ll help us to learn efficiently.

Step 1: Create an Account

Like any other social media platform, you need to create an account. It’s a simple process. There are three ways to log in to Quora.

  • Facebook Account
  • Google Account
  • Email
make money with Quora
Source: Quora

You can use any of these ways to log in to Quora.

Step 2: Ask Questions on Quora

As you know, Quora is a question-and-answer website. To get familiar with the platform, you need to ask questions to see how it works.

How to ask questions on Quora? On the Quora home screen, you’ll get a question box saying “What do you want to ask or share?” Click on it and you’ll get a popup page.

make money with Quora

In this question box, you can ask your preferred question. Also, you can make your question public or limited.

  • Public: Others will see your identity alongside this question on your profile and in their feeds.
  • Limited: Your identity will be shown but questions will not appear in your followers’ feeds or profiles.

When you are done asking your question, hit the blue button saying “Add Question.” You need to ask questions related to your interest. It’ll help you to know about the people who are related to your interest. You can follow these people to boost your activity level.

Step 3: Answer Questions on Quora

It’s the most important thing that you need to do in Quora. With your answer, you’ll get the opportunity to include links. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can include affiliate links. Whenever people purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission.

If you’re a blogger, you can drive traffic to your blog by answering questions on Quora. As Quora allows you to include links, you can place your blog post links in your answers. As a blogger, I’m also using this method to drive traffic to my blog.

How you’ll get questions to give answers? Quora will allow you to add topics you know about. It’ll help Quora to send questions your way. You can add as many topics as you know about. To add topics, go to your profile. At the right sidebar, you’ll get a tab called “Knows about.” Click on it and add topics you know about.

make money with Quora

When you find a question to answer, click on “Answer” under the question.

You can add credentials to your profile to tell readers why you’re capable of providing a knowledgeable answer. You can include as many credentials as you want.

make money with quora

The best thing about Quora is you can include as many links as you want. However, don’t include irrelevant links. If you do this, Quora won’t accept your answer. Once you’re done with your answer, click on the “Post” button.

Review Stats

How your answers or questions perform, you can see that in stats. It’ll give you insightful analytics to your answers. You can review your stats to know how many people are viewing your answers. Also, people can upvote or downvote your answers. Moreover, it’s possible to share answers in Quora spaces or on social media platforms.

Step 4: Create or Discover Quora Spaces

Have you heard about Quora spaces? No? Quora spaces is a newer feature launched in 2018 by Quora. You can call it a page where you can create communities and curate collections around specific topics of interest.

You can create as many Quora spaces as you want. You can create spaces on different topics. Follow the below steps to create a Quora space.

1. Go to your profile and look at the right sidebar. You’ll get a tab called “Spaces.”

2. Click on the plus (+) button. You’ll get a popup page where you have to provide a space name and a brief description. While writing a brief description, make sure to include a few keywords to show people what to expect if they join. Later on, hit on the “Create” button.

Also, you can join Quora spaces to get more followers, find questions that you can answer, and drive traffic to your affiliate links or blog. At the top, you’ll get a Space button. Click on the button to discover Quora spaces to engage with.

You can follow as many Quora spaces as you want. Some Quora spaces will let you contribute to their community. All you have to do is apply to become a contributor.

Step 5: Join Quora Partner Program

We’ve landed on the main part of our article. You can make money with Quora by joining Quora Partner Program. After joining Quora Partner Program, you’ll earn money for answers and questions.

Your earnings will depend on the views of your questions and answers. According to Quora, the most successful partners are making more than $1,000 a month.

How exactly does it work? When your question page shows ads, you earn money. It works similarly to Google AdSense. You’re monetizing your questions and answers with Quora.

How to get started with Quora Partner Program? Well, you have to get invited by the Quora Partner Program. You must have 100,000 views or more to join the program. Once you’ve joined, you have to connect a PayPal or Stripe account. Later on, you have to ask questions. The more views your questions get, the more you earn. You’ll be invited through email by the Quora Partner Program team.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is you’ll earn a tiny amount of money. To get a Quora Partner Program invitation, you have to make yourself valuable to Quora.

Here are a few tips to make yourself valuable:

  • Quality answers
  • Consistency
  • Number of followers you’ve
  • Topics you’re writing about

The main ingredient to getting an invitation is to be active on Quora.

Here are some tips to get paid with Quora Partner Program:

  • Pick popular topics that go viral on Quora
  • Pick high CPC keywords
  • Don’t repeat questions that have already been asked
  • Ask questions regularly

If you oblige to these tips, you can maximize your earnings with Quora Partner Program.


How does Quora pay its partners?

Once you’ve joined the Quora Partner Program, you have to connect your PayPal or Stripe account. Quora will send your money via PayPal or Stripe.

Is the Quora Partner Program legit?

The small answer is YES. Quora is one of the reputed websites on the internet. You’ll earn money by asking questions that get lots of views.

How much can you expect to earn with Quora Partner Program?

As per the report, the most successful partners are making more than $1,000 a month. However, you can expect to earn at least $50 per month.

Is it a full-time job opportunity?

The answer is NO. You can’t consider Quora Partner Program a full-time job opportunity. If you want to make a few hundred bucks a month, Quora Partner Program is suitable.


Quora is very popular among people to ask questions. Also, over 73% of traffic comes from search engines. It reflects how trustworthy it is on search engines.

As you can see, you can make money with Quora by joining its Partner Program. All you have to do is be active on this platform and make yourself valuable to Quora.

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