Marco Learning Review: Work as a Grader (Up To $14/hr)

Have you ever heard about Marco Learning? Probably, not. Marco Learning is a learning platform that helps students with their writing assignments. For that reason, they hire graders to grade and provide feedback on students writing.

I assume that you’re unfamiliar with Marco Learning. In this Marco Learning review, we’ll discuss the following things:

So, let’s get started!

What is Marco Learning?

Marco Learning is a learning platform that provides educational resources to students and AP teachers. It also helps students with their writing assignments. Therefore, they hire remote graders who grade and provide feedback on students’ writing.

Marco Learning is a part of The Graide Network.

What Do Marco Learning Graders Do?

As I mentioned earlier, Marco Learning hires Graders to grade and provide feedback on student assignments. As a grader, you’ll grade assignments that require high-quality, rubric-based scoring, and feedback.

Marco Learning state that most assignments they support are writing assignments for English and Social Studies classes. Standard writing assignments require Graders to score and provide feedback on each student’s strengths and areas for growth. Moreover, you’ll have to share summary thoughts for the teacher on the class’s overall strength and growth.

Marco Learning supports science, math, psychology, computer science, and other subject work as well. Graders have to apply for additional qualifications to gain access to these subjects. However, Graders should expect English and Social Studies class assignments are the primary work available to them.

Who is Eligible to Work as Graders?

Although it’s a learning platform, Marco Learning doesn’t require Graders to have past teaching experience. However, they require Graders to have the following skills:

  • Passionate about helping students to learn
  • A strong writer with excellent communication skills
  • Highly dependable

The application process starts with providing relevant experience and coursework, academic performance, and passion for helping students. It indicates that you may require to have past teaching experience or academic experience to work as a Grader.

How To Join Marco Learning as a Grader?

Marco Learning opens applications during two applications period. Fall semester applications will be open from mid-July through mid-September, and spring semester applications will be open from early January through early March. 

However, the windows are subject to change based on Grader needs.

First of all, you’ll have to apply by filling out an online form. To apply, click on this link.

After that, you’ll have to complete your profile by adding relevant experience and coursework, academic performance, and passion for helping students.

Next, you’ll have to score and provide feedback on sample student writing. They’ll evaluate your feedback based on their effective feedback framework. You can expect to hear from them about one week after submitting your Application Activity.

If they approve your application, you’ll have to complete a final mock assignment on their platform. Throughout the process, you’ll be supported by resources and feedback from their Grader Development team.

Like this, you become a Grader at Marco Learning.

How To Work on Marco Learning as a Grader?

Marco Learning allows its Graders to work whenever they want. Also, they can work from the comfort of their home. However, they ask Graders to commit at least 6 hours per week during the school year. That equates to grading approximately four class assignments per month. 

As a Grader, you’ll be able to claim an open assignment on the Assignment Board. Also, you may receive requests for assignments in the grade levels and subjects you’re qualified to grade.

Once you claim an assignment, you’ll grade and provide feedback on the student’s work using a rubric, prompt, and the teacher’s grading instructions.

After submitting your assignment, the Marco Learning team will evaluate how well your work meets expectations for effective feedback for students. Also, the classroom teacher you’re working with on a given assignment has the opportunity to rate you on four metrics: quality of feedback, quality of scoring, professionalism, and an overall rating.

The teacher will provide qualitative feedback and coaching to help Graders to improve. Moreover, Graders and teachers can communicate with each other through an easy-to-use internal messaging system.

To get paid, the teacher has to approve your work. If your work is rejected, you won’t get paid.

How Much Does Graders Earn?

We should appreciate Marco Learning about its transparent pay amount. Many companies don’t disclose their payment amount.

Marco Learning state that Grader’s starting pay rate is $12 per hour. Graders who consistently meet or exceed expectations can earn $14 per hour. Graders can improve their rankings with proven track records of effective feedback and dependability.

However, some assignments come with an hourly pay increase. The assignment hourly pay can increase due to the:

  • Assignment length
  • Any special teacher requests

Therefore, the Graders can expect to earn between $12 to $14 per hour.

Marco Learning Review: Pros and Cons

Every company has its pros and cons. Marco Learning is no different. It also has some pros and cons.


  • Flexible work hours.
  • Work from home, dorm, or favorite coffee shop.
  • You’ll develop professional skills.
  • You’ll receive frequent feedback and coaching.


  • The application process is lengthy.
  • The pay rate is low compared to the assignment length.
  • They have too many Graders.

WrapUp: Final Verdict

Marco Learning allows Graders to make extra money by grading students’ writing assignments. It may seem to be an appealing job. The fact is the pay rate is low compared to the assignment length.

Some Graders reported that assignments take double the time to complete that Marco Learning estimated. Marco Learning state that this is normal for newbie Graders as there is a learning curve.

Also, you may not get a chance to claim assignments as they recruit more Graders than they need.

My recommendation is to take it as a side job until you get positive value out of it.

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