KashKick Review: Is It a Legit Survey Site?

There are many opportunities to make money online. KashKick is one of the best ways to get paid to answer surveys.

There are many survey sites available to make extra money. KashKick claims to pay users to answer surveys. However, it’s a relatively new survey site. For that reason, you may be wondering whether it’s legit.

In this KashKick review, we’ll try to answer the following questions:

After getting all of these answers, you can decide whether it’s right for you. Let’s get started!

What is KashKick?

KashKick Review

KashKick is popular among people as a survey site. However, it falls under GPT (Get Paid To) sites. There are many ways to make extra money besides surveys. If you love to complete online tasks, you’ll love KashKick.

If you’re familiar with GPT sites, KashKick works similarly to Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Opinion Outpost. However, KashKick doesn’t work on the point system. You’ll earn real money for completing online tasks.

Unfortunately, KashKick is only available in the United States. They hope to open up to more countries in the future.

Is KashKick Legit?

Before going further, we need to know whether the KashKick is legit. The straightforward answer is YES. KashKick is a legit site that pays its users.

The internet is full of deception. You’ll find many reward sites that claim to pay their users. However, only a few reward sites are legit. KashKick is one among them.

How can I claim Kashkick is legit? KashKick has 2.7 ratings on Trustpilot out of 96 reviews. It may seem not to be a good rating.

Trustpilot Rating Breakdown:

  • Excellent – 48%
  • Great – 3%
  • Average – 3%
  • Poor – 8%
  • Bad – 38%

The common complaints about KashKick on Trustpilot are:

  • Not qualified for surveys
  • Cashout issues
  • Account issues
  • Low survey paying rate

You may be thinking not to use KashKick after knowing such things. Your thinking is legitimate. However, answering surveys is not the only way to make money on KashKick. There are a few more ways to make money.

If you work as per their terms and conditions, you won’t face any issues. If you face any issues, you can contact [email protected].

How Does KashKick Work?

As I mentioned earlier, KashKick is a GPT site that helps you to make extra money by completing online tasks. KashKick works like a market research company.

Many companies are eager to get feedback on their products. They come to KashKick to get feedback from consumers like you. KashKick delivers the surveys to its members. When you complete a survey, they pay a little portion of the commission.

Besides surveys, there are other activities available to make money. You can participate in other activities to fuel your earnings.

How To Sign Up for KashKick?

First of all, you have to become a member of KashKick. If you’re familiar with other GPT sites, KashKick will feel similar.

The sign-up process is the same as other GPT sites. It’ll take a minute to complete the sign-up process. There are two requirements to set up an account, such as:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must live in the United States.

KashKick prohibits using VPNs. Many people use VPNs to show their location in the United States. If you use a VPN, you won’t be able to complete the sign-up process.

You can set up an account with an email address and password. You’ll receive a confirmation email to verify your account. As soon as you verify your account, you can start working on KashKick. You don’t have to give out personal or sensitive information.

KashKick Review

After creating an account, you have to complete your profile. You have to provide information like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • ZIP Code
  • Race
  • Education
  • Relationship Status and more

You have to be honest when completing your profile. KashKick will use your information to match you with surveys. You’ll get $1 for completing your profile. Whenever you match with a survey, you’ll be notified by KashKick. You don’t have to check out KashKick regularly.

Who is Eligible to Work for KashKick?

KashKick is a suitable reward site for those who want to make extra money by doing online tasks. KashKick doesn’t require any experience, degree, or registration fees. All levels of people can use this reward site to make extra money.

However, there are two requirements to fulfill. You must be 18 years old and live in the United States. As long as you fulfill these requirements, you’re eligible to work on KashKick.

KashKick won’t replace your full-time job. If you’re looking to make a few bucks, KashKick is one of the best reward sites.

Ways to Earn Money With KashKick

Though KashKick is popular among people as a survey site, there are many more ways to earn money with KashKick.

1. Answer Surveys

KashKick is known for its paid online surveys. You can take paid online surveys to make extra money. You can expect to earn anywhere between $0.20 to $2 per survey. Most of the surveys take anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes.

KashKick will match you with surveys based on the provided information on your profile. Also, you have to answer a few questions before taking paid online surveys. It’s because they want to ensure the right candidate for the survey. They’ll ask you about your age, gender, relationship status, salary, etc.

If you qualify, you’ll get to take paid online surveys. You’ll get payment in your account when you complete a survey. You may be disqualified during the pre-survey. In such a case, you won’t get paid.

2. Complete Offers

In addition to taking paid online surveys, you can complete special offers to make money with KashKick.

You may have to sign up for another website’s services to earn a cash reward. If you’re signing up for other websites, make sure to use the same email address associated with KashKick. If you don’t, you may not get the reward.

KashKick also offers cashback opportunities. You’ll get cashback when you purchase products through KashKick. You can complete special offers to boost your earnings.

3. Watching Videos

There are many ways to get paid to watch videos. KashKick also allows its users to make money by watching videos. However, they currently don’t have a paid-to-watch videos section. They may add this in the future.

4. Surf The Web

KashKick advertises on its site that you can make money by surfing the web. However, I haven’t found out how it works. Maybe you’ll earn money by allowing KashKick to access your browsing history.

5. Referral Program

Like any other GPT site, KashKick has a referral program. Once you become a member, you’ll get a referral link. You can invite your friends and family members to KashKick using your referral link.

You’ll receive a 25% commission from your referrals whatever they make for themselves. For example, if they earn $1, you’ll get $0.25 in your account. It may be less money, but it’s a recurring commission.

How Much Can You Earn with KashKick?

You can’t predict how much you can make with the reward sites beforehand. Your earnings depend on several factors, such as:

  • The task you complete
  • How much time do you spend on the site
  • How many ways you’re using

KashKick is not a high-paying reward site. You can expect to earn between $0.20 to $2 per survey. Surveys can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Sometimes you may see high-paying surveys that pay anywhere from $5 to $10. You may not qualify for such surveys as the requirements are strict.

Besides surveys, there are more ways to earn with KashKick. You can utilize all the ways to maximize your earnings on KashKick. You can expect to earn anywhere between $0.75 to $3 for completing minor tasks. The more you work, the more you earn.

Ultimately, KashKick won’t make you rich. Moreover, KashKick won’t replace your full-time job. If you want to make a few bucks, KashKick will help you.

How To Withdraw Earnings on Kashkick?

KashKick only pays its members via a US-verified PayPal account. For that reason, you need to have a US-verified PayPal account. You can request a withdrawal when you concede the $10 threshold.

Here is the cashout process:

  • Go to your member’s homepage
  • Click on the withdrawal tab and complete the page

Typically it takes anywhere between one to three days to receive payment. The payment can take longer depending on fraud protection.

KashKick’s payments are not automatic. They have an actual person who processes each payment. If the person finds anything fraudulent, it’ll take longer than expected.

Pros and Cons of KashKick

Like any other GPT site, KashKick has some pros and cons. You can decide whether the KashKick is worth your time.


  • Completely free
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Plenty of earning opportunities
  • You’ll get paid in cash
  • You’ll get $1 for completing the profile
  • Low payout limit
  • Trusted payment method (PayPal)


  • No sign-up bonus
  • Only available in the United States
  • Low paying surveys

KashKick Alternatives

KashKick is not the only reward site out there. There are more reward sites available to make extra money. Even you’ll find reward sites that are far better than KashKick. If you think KashKick is not suitable, consider using other reward sites.


Swagbucks is one of the best reward sites out there. It’s one of the oldest and most trustworthy reward sites that has been around for many years.

There are many ways to earn Swagbucks points, such as:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games
  • Searching the web and many more

You can redeem your Swagbucks points for gift cards like Amazon, PayPal, Payoneer, etc. Also, you’ll receive a signing-up bonus.


InboxDollars is another well-known reward site that has been around since 2000. According to InboxDollars, they’ve paid over $80 million in cash rewards to members for doing online tasks. It pays users in real cash.

There are plenty of options available to make money on InboxDollars, such as:

  • Answering surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Reading emails and many more

However, InboxDollars is only available in the United States. You’ll receive a $5 sign-up bonus.


As the name suggests, SurveyJunkie is a survey site that allows you to take paid online surveys. It’s a popular survey site that has been around for many years. It acquires trust among people over the years.

You can participate in paid online surveys to earn points. Later on, you can redeem points for gift cards and PayPal cash. It’s far better than KashKick as a survey site.


SuperPay.me is another GPT site that’ll help you to make extra money. According to SuperPay.me, they’ve paid over $5.2 million to their members. SuperPay.me works on the point system.

There are many ways to earn points, such as:

  • Answering surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games and many more

You can redeem points for gift cards or PayPal cash. You’ll receive a payment within 24 hours. Moreover, you can enter a regular $1,000 cash contest. You can earn up to $50 per day by taking paid online surveys.

SuperPay.me works with top survey companies: Cint, Your Surveys, Dynata, Lucid, and CPX to bring you the best surveys.

WrapUp: Final Verdict

KashKick is a relatively new reward site. At first glance, it may seem like a scam. The truth is KashKick does pay its users who don’t violate any of their terms and condition.

KashKick is not a high-paying reward site. It’s only available in the United States. If you’re living in the United States, it’s a suitable reward site. If you’re expecting to make a high amount of money, KashKick is not the best option.

If you’re someone who has plenty of free time, consider using KashKick. You need to keep in mind that KashKick won’t make you rich.

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