Kibin Review: Editing Jobs From Home (Up To $30/hr)

Are you interested in editing jobs? Yes? Kibin is a company that hires editors. You can become an editor at Kibin to make extra money.

Kibin provides services professional editing and proofreading services. For that reason, they hire editors who can serve their clients.

Are you familiar with Kibin? No? This Kibin review will help to learn about Kibin. In this review, we’ll discuss the following things:

So, let’s get familiar with Kibin!

What is Kibin?

Kibin is a company that provides professional proofreading, editing, and essay help to students. It was founded by Travis Biziorek, who was looking for help editing his profile. He couldn’t find anyone to give feedback and edit. He realized thousands of students might be looking for the same expert feedback and editing level.

Therefore, he invented Kibin to help thousands of students to make their writing from ordinary to extraordinary. For that reason, Kibin hires professional editors to help students with their essays and other school work.

In addition to students, they offer proofreading and editing services to businesses, professionals, authors, job seekers, and creatives.

Is Kibin Legit?

Kibin launched in 2011. Since then, students, businesses, academics, and authors have trusted it. Moreover, it has 4.3/5 ratings on Glassdoor and 4.4/5 ratings on TrustPilot. Also, it has many positive reviews.

Therefore, we can say it’s a legit company.

Who Qualifies to Work as an Editor?

Kibin’s website state that editors in international time zones outside the U.S. and Canada or with overnight availability are especially encouraged to apply. However, you’ll need to be a native English speaker as the site is entirely in English.

Kibin hasn’t said whether the editors need previous experience. However, Kibin requires editors to have comprehensive or substantive editing skills. Moreover, before beginning their careers as editors, candidates must pass a preliminary exam and a final exam.

They expect all editors to be able to complete a minimum of 1,500 words per hour. It’s not a requirement but highly recommended.

What Does a Kibin Editor Do?

Kibin is a company that helps students, businesses, academics, and authors with proofreading and editing. A Kibin editor provides critical but friendly feedback and enjoys helping people grow as writers.

As an editor, you’ll help students edit their essays and other school work. Also, you’ll have to provide proofreading and editing service to businesses, academics, and authors.

How to Join Kibin as an Editor?

If you’ve comprehensive or substantive editing skills, you’re welcome to join Kibin as a freelance editor.

Here’s how Kibin’s application process works:

  • Sign up for an editor account. Click on this link.
  • After this, you’ll have to take a timed pre-test to prove your grammar and style guide chops. It’ll help them to determine your proofreading and editing skills.
  • If you pass the test, you’ll have to share a bit more information about yourself. Most likely, they’ll ask you whether you’ve previous experience in editing and proofreading.
  • If you’re a match to join their team, they’ll invite you to complete a final test sample edit. You won’t get paid for that.
  • If you pass the final test, you’ll get access to editing work. It means you’ll become an editor at Kibin.

How Much Does Kibin Pay its Editors?

According to Glassdoor, freelance editors earn around $70,000 a year. However, I feel the salary estimation is inaccurate.

Kibin hasn’t published the pay rate of editors on its website. Some editors working with Kibin state that editors make between $4 to $10 for each document depending on the number of words and the deadline. It’s ambiguous that editors at Kibin can make around $70,000 a year.

Kibin has 10 editing levels. Kibin’s editing levels aren’t defined by your skills, but rather by a combination of how committed you’ve been to the Kibin platform (total words edited) and how well you’ve performed (customer feedback).

A portion of what Kibin charges the customer is earned at each level. The revenue share starts at 30.50% and increases by 0.50% at each level until it reaches a fixed 35.0% at level 10.

On average, editors at Kibin earn between $15 to $25 per hour. However, top editors can earn $30 per hour consistently.

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Freelance editor job salary depends on several factors, such as:

  • Work availability
  • Typing speed
  • Accuracy

How Do You Get Paid at Kibin?

It’s unaware how you’ll get paid at Kibin. Kibin hasn’t mentioned anything about its payment method for its editors. However, one of its editors said that editors get paid via bank transfer. Moreover, editors can withdraw their earnings as often as they want.

Kibin Review: Pros and Cons

Like any other platform, Kibin has some pros and cons. You should know these pros and cons so you can decide whether Kibin is a suitable platform.


  • Recruit freelance editors from all around the world.
  • You’ll be able to work from anywhere.
  • You’ll be able to set your schedule.
  • You’ll be able to choose assignments you want to work on.
  • You’ll be able to withdraw earnings as often as you want.


  • Editing levels will define your pay rate.
  • You may not get many editing jobs due to editing levels. The higher the editing level, the more editing jobs you’ll get.
  • You’ll get many complicated documents to edit as many writers are not native English speakers.


Kibin is a legit company that hires freelance editors. You’ll be able to make extra money by editing and proofreading documents.

If you’ve comprehensive editing skills, you should apply to become a freelance editor at Kibin. Although it’s not a high-paying freelance job, you can make extra money with a little effort.

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