13 Best Online Moderator Jobs From Home (Up To $30/hr)

Are you looking for the best online moderator jobs? Yes? You’re at the right place. Here are some of the best moderator jobs from home.

Have you ever heard about online moderator jobs? An online moderator is a person who handles Facebook pages, personal blogs, message boards, websites, chat rooms, etc.

As you may know, chat rooms and community forums are all over the internet. For that reason, the demand for online moderators is high. An online moderator job involves responding to comments, settling disputes, removing posts that violate community guidelines, categorizing posts, and so on.

You need to bear in mind that online moderator jobs vary between platforms. However, the fundamental duties of an online moderator are the same.

Here are a few requirements for online moderator jobs:

  • Online moderation skills
  • Technology knowledge
  • A computer or laptop
  • A stable internet connection

As you can see, the requirements are minimal to do online moderator jobs. The most important thing you’ll need to have is moderation skills. If you can’t perform the duties of an online moderator, you won’t be able to make money.

How Much Does an Online Moderator Earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for an online community moderator in the United States is $41,070 yearly. It means an online moderator earns around $20 per hour. However, the hourly rate can go as high as $30 per hour.

The earnings depend on your demographic profile. Here are some of the highest-paying cities in the United States for online moderator jobs:

  • Atkinson, NE
  • New York City, NY
  • Bridgehampton, NY
  • Great Neck Gardens, NY
  • Boston, MA
  • Deer Park, CA
  • Green River, WY
  • Morton, WA
  • Juneau, AK
  • Queens, NY

You can hike your hourly rate if you add more skills like SEO Marketing. Moreover, you can take an online course over online moderator jobs to become a professional. It’ll help you in the online moderator industry.

Companies that offer Online Moderator Jobs

Even if you have online moderation skills, you need the right platform to find online moderator jobs. Here are some of the best companies that offer online moderator jobs.

1. ModSquad

ModSquad is one of the best platforms to become an online moderator. They’ve been around since 2007. Since then, they’ve been delivering CX (Customer Experience) solutions for the world’s best brands.

They recruit mods to provide customer support, moderate content, manage communities, and manage social media. They hire mods from all over the world.

Here are a few benefits of being a mod at ModSquad:

  • You’ll be able to work remotely.
  • You can choose projects that interest you.
  • You’ll be able to work whenever you want.
  • You’ll be able to work on projects alongside your day job.

ModSquad clients are the biggest brands in the world. You’ll be able to work with the biggest brands.

To get started, you have to apply with your resume. After that, you’ll have to fill out your profile. They’ll ask you some questions like what you do for fun, about your hobbies and interests, and what languages you speak. They’ll send you an email acknowledging receipt within 72 hours.

After joining the network, you’ll have to go through more steps like:

  • Completing your contractor agreement
  • Passing a background check
  • Getting matched to a project
  • Onboarding

You can expect to earn around $9 to $10 per hour. However, the earnings depend on the project, your experience, your skills, and your performance. You’ll get higher hourly rates if you have hard-to-find native language abilities or niche tech skills. Moreover, you have the liberty to work for other companies.

2. The Social Element

The Social Element is a social media agency that helps brands to thrive on social media. They provide social media services like strategy, trendspotting, creative engagement, community-led content, and brand protection.

They’re always looking for online moderators and community managers. They’re operating in 46 countries and over 50 languages.

3. Crisp Thinking

Crisp Thinking protects brands, assets, and people from reputation damage, security threats, and online harm. It hires online moderators to keep an eye on social media activity.

It’s a UK-based company. For that reason, most of its job opportunities are for UK residents. However, you’ll find remote jobs for United States residents.


ICUC is a social media management agency. It has established in 2004. Since then, it has served numerous global brands like Google, SONY, Starbucks, Macy’s, Air Canada, etc.

ICUC offers services like:

  • Community Management
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Social Listening
  • Strategy
  • Consumer Insights

You can opt for any job you want. ICUC prefers multilingual applicants. However, you can apply if you are only good at English. You don’t require to have previous experience. The earnings can increase depending on your skills.

4. 99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social is another social media management company that has been serving small business owners for over 12 years. They’ve served over 7,200 clients until now.

99 Dollar Social help brands with social media posts. At this time, they’re looking for content writers who’ll provide businesses with top-quality unique social media content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

You don’t require previous experience. However, you’ll have to take one week of training before taking on client accounts.

5. Yelp

Yelp connects people with local businesses. This company hires community managers from specific locations. For that treason, you need to visit its community job portal to see whether you’re living in an area that they are hiring from.

A community manager is responsible for marketing, PR, event planning, e-newsletter campaigns, social media, and various odds and ends on the local level. You can directly apply for the position from the job section.

6. BabyCenter

As the name suggests, BabyCenter helps parents and new moms with helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information.

You can work with this company as an associate social media producer. You’re responsible for managing What To Expect and BabyCenter’s social media accounts. Also, you’ll have to maintain a content calendar and explore social media trends and platforms.

Job qualifications are:

  • Must be based in the United States.
  • 1 to 3 years of professional experience in social media.
  • Deep knowledge of TikTok best practices. 
  • Experience (or interest) in pregnancy, parenting, health, and/or wellness.

7. Khoros

Khoros is a digital customer engagement platform. It offers services like customer care, social media management, and community engagement.

They need workers like you to work in different positions. You can work here as a remote worker. Also, they have location-based job opportunities. You’ll have to visit its careers page to look for job openings. However, they require previous experience.

8. Zynga

Zynga is a video game developer company. Occasionally, Zynga hires online community moderators to take care of its online gaming community.

To grab the opportunity, you have to check out Zynga’s job openings page often. This post requires to have knowledge of the gaming industry and the latest gaming trends.

9. Quiip

Quiip is an Australia-based company that helps businesses with social media and online community management. They work on forum communities and manage social media for Australia’s biggest brands.

To serve its clients, they hire online community managers and social media specialists. However, the applicants must be current Australian residents or have a valid Australian work permit.

Quiip requires applicants to have a minimum of two years of experience in social media and/or online community roles. Moreover, you’ll need to have experience working with commercial brands and government agencies.

    10. LiveWorld

    LiveWorld is a digital agency specializing in social media. They work with many prestigious companies around the world. Dues to the expansion of clients, they hire social media agents constantly.

    LiveWorld’s social media agents provide social customer service, engagement for marketing purposes, adverse events management, and protection of brand image. This position is remote and flexible.

    Here are a few requirements for social media agent job:

    • Minimum 18 years of age.
    • Must be residents of the United States.
    • Requires 2-3 years of experience in online moderation and engagement.
    • Experience with social media tools, such as LiveWorld, Khoros, Salesforce, Sprinklr, or similar tools.
    • Fluency in the English language.

    11. Ignite Social Media

    As the name suggests, Ignite Social Media is a social media marketing agency. It has been around for over 14 years. It helps brands to gain international reach with social media marketing.

    You can opt for its online moderator job. However, they’re not recruiting employees at this moment. You can check its career page frequently to see whether they’ve open positions.

    12. FlexJobs

    Flexjobs is not a social media agency. It’s a job search engine. You can use this platform to find online moderator jobs. It’s the #1 job search engine for hand-screened flexible and remote jobs.

    The best thing about Flexjobs is they evaluate each job. For that reason, you’ll only see the best remote and flexible job listings available. However, you’ll have to purchase a subscription starting from $9.95.

    13. Indeed

    Indeed is another job listing website. It works similarly to Flexjobs. However, it’s completely free.

    You can use this platform to find online moderator jobs. Moreover, you can upload your resume to get hired by companies.


    Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business” which is undeniably the adhering truth of our time.

    Nowadays, brands want to succeed on social media platforms. For that reason, they require online moderators to help them with marketing, PR, event planning, e-newsletter campaigns, social media, etc.

    There are various types of moderator jobs available. If you love to spend time on social media, you should become social media manager. If you love to work in the online community, you should become an online community manager.

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