Free Travel Guides by Mail, Vacation Guides, and Maps For 50 US States

Want to travel to the US States? Yes? Probably, you’re looking for free travel guides by mail, vacation guides, or maps. Each US State offers free travel guides to travelers.

Nowadays, the internet can help you to plan your vacation. Many travel bloggers share their experiences while traveling to various destinations. However, it’s not enough to plan your vacation. Travel bloggers don’t include in-depth information about travel destinations. Because of that, you need a travel guide to plan your vacation.

What Are the Benefits of Travel Guides?

There are several benefits of travel guides, such as:

  • Detailed Information: Travel guides contain detailed information about a destination, including historical and cultural. Moreover, you’ll find information like transportation, local customs, recommended accommodations, and restaurants.
  • Planning Assistance: Travel guides can help you to plan a vacation to a specific destination. It can help you determine when to visit a particular destination and how to get there.
  • Insider Tips: Travel guides contain insider tips from locals and travelers that’ll help you to save money and avoid tourist traps.
  • Safety Advice: When planning a trip to a particular destination, safety advice comes in handy. It’ll help you to keep yourself safe in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Travel Map: Travel guides always have a map to reach destinations. Although you can use Google Maps but travel maps are accurately designed.

A travel guide can be valuable for those planning a trip to an unfamiliar destination.

Free Travel Guides by Mail For US States

Did you know that each US State provides free travel guides by mail? All you have to do is click the link below to request free travel guides.

Here are several US States that provide free travel guides by mail, vacation guides, and maps in alphabetical order:

  1. Alabama (Vacation Guide)
  2. Alaska (Vacation Planner)
  3. Arizona (Travel Guide)
  4. Arkansas (Trip Planning)
  5. California (Travel Guide)
  6. Colorado (Travel Guide)
  7. Connecticut (Visitors Guide)
  8. Delaware (Travel Guide)
  9. Florida (Vacation Guide, Transportation Map, Camping Guide)
  10. Georgia (Brochures)
  11. Hawaii (Vistors Guide)
  12. Idaho (Travel Guide)
  13. Illinois (Visitor Guides & Map)
  14. Indiana (Tourism Brochures)
  15. Kansas (Travel Guide & Map)
  16. Kentucky (Visitor’s Guide)
  17. Lowa (Travel Guide)
  18. Louisiana (Inspiration Guide)
  19. Maine (Travel Guidebook)
  20. Maryland (Travel Magazine)
  21. Massachusetts (Travel Guide)
  22. Michigan (Travel Guide)
  23. Minnesota (Travel Guide, Highway Map, Biking Guide, Fishing Guide, Golf Guide, Student Guide)
  24. Mississippi (Tour Guide, Golf Guide, Blues Trail Map, Freedom Trail Map, Civil War Historical Sites Map)
  25. Missouri (Travel Guide and a State Map)
  26. Montana (Guidebooks)
  27. Nebraska (Travel Guide)
  28. Nevada (Travel Guides)
  29. New Hampshire (Visitor’s Guide)
  30. New Jersey (Travel Guides & State Map)
  31. New Mexico (Vacation Guide)
  32. New York (Travel Guides)
  33. North Carolina (Travel Guide, Highway Map, Civil War Trails Map)
  34. North Dakota (Travel Guide Kit, Hunting & Fishing Kit, North Dakota Map)
  35. Ohio (Travel Guide)
  36. Oklahoma (Travel Brochures)
  37. Oregon (Travel Guides)
  38. Pennsylvania (Happy Traveler Guide)
  39. Rhode Island (Visitor Guide)
  40. South Carolina (Vacation Guide)
  41. South Dakota (Vacation Guide)
  42. Tennessee (Vacation Guide)
  43. Texas (Travel Guides)
  44. Utah (Travel Guide)
  45. Vermont (Road Map & Guide)
  46. Virginia (Travel Guide)
  47. Washington (Visitor’s Guide & Map)
  48. West Virginia (Vacation Guide)
  49. Wisconsin (Maps & Guides)
  50. Wyoming (Travel Guide)

How to request free travel guides by mail? It’s pretty easy to request free travel guides by mail. All you have to do is complete an online form. You’ll have to provide your mailing address.

Sites That Offer Free Travel Guides by Mail

There are a few sites that offer free travel guides by mail. You don’t have to visit site to site to find free travel guides. You’ll get all the travel guides in one place.

Here are a few sites that will supply free travel guides or brochures by mail.

1. Travel Guides Free

When it comes to getting free travel guides, Travel Guides Free is one of the best options. It provides free travel brochures, visitor guides, and maps from hundreds of destinations.

Their guides include the latest attractions, things to do, where to eat, places to stay, and more. Also, these guides include itineraries, maps, discounts, and coupons.

Firstly, you’ll have to choose your destination out of hundreds. After that, register to order your free print guide by mail or digital version. You can use your travel guide to plan your trip.

2. Free Travel Guides

Free Travel Guides is another place to get travel guides, vacation brochures, maps, and travel planning kits. It’s pretty easy to order free travel guides by mail.

Firstly, choose a travel guide from your destination. After that, fill out an online form at the bottom of the page. They’ll send a confirmation email for guides to be mailed to you. Also, you’ll receive links to the guides you selected to receive electronically.

3. Hotel Guides

Hotel Guides can help you to order free travel guides by mail from 50 US States. You’ll get a list of US States on its website. All you have to do is click the link of a State to order free official State travel guides, vacation planning kits, highway maps, and special brochures.

To order a free travel guide, click on a link and provide your name, email address, and mailing address. Also, they provide free Canada travel guides and maps.

Hotel Guides is a reservation website. You can book hotel accommodations directly from the site.

4. ArrivalGuides

As the name suggests, ArrivalGuides can help you to discover new travel destinations. You can expect to receive high-quality travel guides from Arrivalguides since it’s a company of LonelyPlanet. It provides travel guides in different themes, such as lazy beach days, vibrant cities, with your kids, etc.

You’ll find travel guides from many countries, such as:

ArrivalGuides make their guides free to read and explore online. If you want to download them in a PDF, you’ll have to pay a price.


When it comes to planning a trip, travel guides come in handy. As you might know, travel guides include essential information about travel destinations. They help you to familiarize yourself with the destinations you want to visit. Also, some travel guides feature deals and freebies.

As you can see, each US State offers free travel guides by mail to travelers. Also, a few sites offer free travel guides by mail as well. It wouldn’t hurt to order a travel guide to plan a safe tour. Moreover, you can explore travel guides online or download them in a PDF format.

Want to visit any of the US States? Grab a travel guide to make your tour safe and wonderful.

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