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PrizeGrab Review: Is it worth your time?

PrizeGrab claims to be the #1 sweepstakes site in America. It gives away prizes and cash for participating in sweepstakes.

When we come across sites like this that claim to give away free cash and prizes, it’s too good to be true. However, the internet is filled with scams.

Maybe you’ve never heard about PrizeGrab. You want to know whether the site is legit. Also, you may wonder how it works.

In this PrizeGrab review, I’ll cover everything about PrizeGrab, from how it works to whether it’s worth your time.

So, let’s start!

What is PrizeGrab?

First of all, let’s start with introducing PrizeGrab.

PrizeGrab was started by two Cashanovas to change people’s lives by giving away prizes and cash in 2013. They started it to create a safe and fun environment to play sweepstakes. Participants can win real cash, gift cards, and products by entering sweepstakes.

PrizeGrab guarantees real winners every day. Is it true? We will get into it shortly.

Until now, they have given more than $2.3 Million in prizes to more than 10,000 winners. Whoa!

Is PrizeGrab Legit?

PrizeGrab started its journey back in 2013. It means they have been in the business for a decade. According to PrizeGrab, it’s free to join and win real prizes.

PrizeGrab has an impressive rating on Trustpilot (4.5/5). Moreover, it has many positive reviews from members. PrizeGrab has a Facebook page with over 900K followers.

Also, they have a “Winners” page where they publish recent winner’s names and addresses.

Therefore, we can claim it’s a legitimate company.

How Does PrizeGrab Work?

PrizeGrab is a sweepstakes website where people can win cash, gift cards, and products. It doesn’t mean whoever joins PrizeGrab will win prizes. You can consider PrizeGrab as a lottery.

Here’s how PrizeGrab works.

Step One: Create an account

To get started, you have to create an account. It’ll take less than a minute. There are two ways to sign up for PrizeGrab, such as:

  1. Facebook Account
  2. Email address

However, there are a few restrictions on joining the PrizeGrab sweepstakes. Only legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia), Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories who are eighteen (18) years old are allowed to join the PrizeGrab sweepstakes.

Note: Employees of and their close family/household members are not eligible.

Step Two: Enter Sweepstakes

Once you become a PrizeGrab member, you can enter into available sweepstakes. According to the PrizeGrab team, they constantly add new prizes: cash, electronics, Apple products, Gift Cards, and other items. Moreover, PrizeGrabbers can request to add prizes via Facebook and email.

How do you enter sweepstakes? Follow the below steps:

  • Sign up or Log in from your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Go to the Prizes page to see all available prizes.
  • Choose a prize you are interested in and click “Enter Now.” 
  • After your 1-click entry, you’ll see a “Processing Entry” confirmation.
  • That’s it.

You can also enter exclusive sweepstakes from PrizeGrab emails. These prizes are not always available on the Prizes page. Make sure to check out your inbox often for email-only exclusives.

It’s free to join sweepstakes. However, each prize on Prizegrab has a different maximum allowable entries per day. Sometimes 5 entries are permitted or only one per day. Each prize has some official rules. Always check out each prize’s Official Rules.

The PrizeGrab team also sends bonus entries via email. It increases double or triple chances to win. The more entries you have for a prize, the more chances you have to win.

Note: Each “Day” refers to 12 AM ET – 11:59 PM ET.

What Can You Win by Joining Sweepstakes?

PrizeGrab offers a variety of prizes like cash, gift cards, and products. Moreover, they appreciate suggestions and recommendations from PrizeGrabbers.

PrizeGrab team changes prizes from time to time. Currently, they’re offering the following prizes:

  • $25,000 Cash
  • $15,000 Cash
  • $10,000 Cash
  • $7,000 Cash
  • $5,000 Cash
  • Whirlpool Washer & Dryer
  • Apple Macbook Air
  • Lull Mattress
  • OOTORI Massage Chair
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • And more

Check out all the available prizes on its “Prizes” page.

Step Three: Check your email to see if you’ve won

PrizeGrab team doesn’t guarantee you win by joining sweepstakes. They say odds can fluctuate based on the prize value and duration. For that reason, they urge all members to maximize their entries daily so they have the best odds of winning.

How do you know if you’ve won? PrizeGrab contacts winners via email they’ve provided during the signup process. Make sure to check out your email daily. Also, they recommend marking emails as “important” and adding [email protected] to your address book.

You’ll have five days to claim your prize from the time you receive a winner notification via email, as per the Official Rules.

Note: It’s possible to win multiple prizes at a time. Prize drawings are automated processes.

How Do They Deliver Prizes?

PrizeGrab prizes come in all shapes and sizes, from fridges to e-gift cards. Their dedicated team will work with the winner to find the best delivery method.

For example, if you’ve won a $10 gift card, they can send it electronically. On the other hand, if you’ve won a physical product like a refrigerator or washing machine, they can ship it via shipping service. PrizeGrab team never asks for members to pay for shipping costs.

Note: Winners cannot transfer the prize to another person. The actual winner must claim the prize.

PrizeGrab Fraud Warning

PrizeGrab wants to keep consumers and PrizeGrabbers safe from fraud, phishing, and other sweepstakes scams. Many third-party scammers pretending to be PrizeGrab. For that reason, PrizeGrab has a dedicated page called “Fraud Prevention.”

It’s free to join the PrizeGrab sweepstakes. They never ask for money to enter sweepstakes. Also, you never have to pay if you win. No wire transfers or moneycard requests, period. They only contact you via email at the email address you signed up at

Here’s how to identify scammers:

  • If someone contacts you saying you won but they ask you for money, they are not the real!
  • If you do not remember entering the prize on PrizeGrab or seeing that exact prize on PrizeGrab, then anyone claiming you’re the winner of that particular prize is a PrizeGrab imposter.
  • PrizeGrab does not release the number of entrants or entries per prize, that information will never be provided during a prize claim or winner notification. If someone does provide it to you claiming you’re the winner of that particular prize is a PrizeGrab imposter.
  • A legitimate sweepstakes site like never requires you to pay to claim a prize.
  • Never give away any of your personal information including name, telephone, email, Social Security number, and especially bank account information to someone you don’t know or can’t verify.

If you think you’ve been contacted by a scammer or a victim of fraud, immediately email [email protected].

Is PrizeGrab Worth Your Time?

PrizeGrab is a sweepstake website that gives prizes to winners. It’s free to join and doesn’t require you to invest any amount of money.

Although PrizeGrab claims to have winners every day, not everyone can win. PrizeGrab never guarantees you that you’ll win a prize by entering sweepstakes. The winning depends on your luck.

Let’s take a look at PrizeGrab’s pros and cons.


  • It’s a legit sweepstakes website.
  • The PrizeGrab team is constantly adding new prizes.
  • Free shipping
  • The potential of winning big prizes.


  • There’s no guarantee you’ll win a prize.
  • You may waste your time entering sweepstakes if you don’t win anything.
  • They may share information like your email,  IP address, or information about your browser or operating system with their partner, as they mention in their privacy policy.
  • They may, from time to time, ask users to answer surveys about their or third-party products and services.
  • You’ll receive random daily emails from PrizeGrab. Some emails are misleading.
  • Not available worldwide.

In my opinion, PrizeGrab is not worth your time. You can spend your precious time on something that guarantees you’ll win prizes.

It’s all about luck. If you love to try your luck, feel free to join PrizeGrab.

Sites Like PrizeGrab

PrizeGrab is not the only sweepstakes website. There are a few more sweepstakes websites available to win big prizes.

1. Sweepstakes Fanatics

Sweepstakes Fanatics is a sweepstakes and contests website that works similarly to PrizeGrab. It was created by a man named Todd, who adds new giveaways all the time.

You can win cash, a car, gift cards, and other prizes by entering sweepstakes. Particularly, this site is famous for cash and car sweepstakes.

You can win cash prizes ranging from several hundred dollars up to $100,000 or more. You can enter to win a brand-new car, SUV, truck, or motorcycle. Car sweepstakes sponsors include Ford, Chevy, KIA, Nissan, etc. 

2. Sweepstakes Advantage

Sweepstakes Advantage is another sweepstakes website. It was formed in 1997 as one of the most comprehensive sweepstakes and contest directories on the internet.

Sweepstakes Advantage doesn’t organize any sweepstakes or contests. What this site does is enlist sweepstakes and contests from different websites.

3. Giveaway Frenzy

Giveaway Frenzy works similarly to Sweepstakes Advantage. It is a leading source of online giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, and instant win games. 

You will find contests submitted by blogs, businesses, and brands looking to promote them. The best part is all the contest listings found on their site are reviewed by their editors before publishing.

PrizeGrab Alternatives

PrizeGrab is a sweepstakes website. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win prizes by entering sweepstakes. Because of that, I feel like you can spend your precious time on something that guarantees you’ll be rewarded.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular reward sites that has been around since 2008. It allows members to earn rewards by doing online activities like:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Reading emails
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games
  • Referring friends

It works on a point system. You’ll earn SBs (Swagbucks Points) for completing tasks. Later on, you can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers or cash via PayPal and Payoneer.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another reward site that works similarly to Swagbucks. However, InboxDollars doesn’t work on a point system. You’ll earn cash for doing activities like:

  • Answering Surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games

Unfortunately, InboxDollars only accepts members from the United States. You’ll get $5 as a welcome bonus.

3. Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a survey app that offers you a ton of surveys for you to complete and earn rewards from. You can decide which surveys you want to start and complete. Also, you can choose a topic you like, a short survey, or a survey with a high reward.

Poll Pay allows you to cash in your balance via many methods, such as:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • Apple Gift Cards
  • Many more


Does PrizeGrab have a mobile app?

PrizeGrab doesn’t have a mobile app. However, you can access PrizeGrab on mobile devices using a mobile web browser.

Can you get support?

PrizeGrab answered a few basic questions on its FAQ page. However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact them through the contact page.

How does PrizeGrab make money?

PrizeGrab makes money through advertisements and sponsored emails.

What are PrizeGrab’s entry streaks?

Ten entries in a single day start an entry streak. You can continue streaking by reaching ten or more entries each day. The longer the streak, the more points and bonus entry opportunities will become available.

What are PrizeGrab points?

You can earn points by entering prizes, reaching and extending an entry streak, returning for consecutive days, and more. While there is no specific monetary value, collecting points will catapult you to higher levels. As you advance to higher levels, you will be rewarded with bigger bonus prize opportunities.

PrizeGrab Review: Final Verdict

PrizeGrab is a legit sweepstake website. If you want to try your luck to win prizes, you can join PrizeGrab. However, there is no guarantee you’ll win prizes.

PrizeGrab team never guarantees anyone to win prizes by entering sweepstakes. In my opinion, you’re wasting your time entering sweepstakes. However, it’s free to join sweepstakes. You’re only wasting time, not money.

I’ve mentioned a few PrizeGrab alternatives to guaranteed money. If you want, you can try them instead of PrizeGrab.

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