SurveyWorld Review: Legit or Worth Joining?

Nowadays, there are many ways available to make extra money. Taking paid online surveys is one of the best options. Anyone can take paid online surveys from home. All you need to have is an internet connection.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of survey sites available. Among them, very few are legit and worth joining. For that reason, always read reviews before joining any survey site.

SurveyWorld is a relatively new survey site on the market. Because of that, many people don’t know whether the site is legit and how it works. To be honest, SurveyWorld works differently than other survey sites.

In today’s SurveyWorld review, I’ll uncover everything about SurveyWorld. After reading this review, you can take a wise decision on whether you should join the site or not.

What is SurveyWorld?

SurveyWorld name seems like a survey site. The truth is it doesn’t work like other survey sites at all. According to SurveyWorld, it’s an independent comparison community of research companies. It means SurveyWorld does not send any products to test, or surveys to complete and does not manage the Rewards.

SurveyWorld works like a survey aggregator that lists survey opportunities from other sites. There is not much information available about the site except it’s owned by e-Bron Marketing, which is based in the Netherlands.

According to SurveyWorld, it operates in more than 70 countries, has five years of experience, runs over 200 panels, and generated over 5 million panelists so far.

How Does SurveyWorld Work?

As you can see, SurveyWorld is not like a typical survey site. It works like an aggregator that collects survey opportunities from different survey panels.

Being a member of this platform, you’ll receive survey invitations. All you have to do is click the link and complete the survey. SurveyWorld is not liable to pay you. You’ll get paid from the site you’ve completed surveys.

How To Join SurveyWorld?

SurveyWorld is free to join. According to SurveyWorld, they operate in more than 70 countries. However, they don’t mention the countries. I guess they recruit members from countries that qualify for taking paid online surveys.

How do you join a survey site? You get a signup page where you complete a form and create an account. SurveyWorld works differently. They don’t have a signup page. It’s weird, isn’t it?

Then how do you join SurveyWorld? You can request to join this platform through its Facebook page. You can send them a message via Facebook.

They’ll send you a link to their landing page if you’re eligible for surveys. In my opinion, it’s a waste of time. Instead of waiting for promotional links, you can directly join the best survey sites.

Is SurveyWorld Legit or Worth Joining?

SurveyWorld is a legit website that works like a survey aggregator. This platform doesn’t claim to pay you money for completing surveys. Also, Surveyworld does not send any products to test, or surveys to complete and does not manage the Rewards. It’s just a mediator between you and the survey sites.

Is SurveyWorld worth joining? In my opinion, it’s a waste of time. It just sends you promotional links from other survey sites like Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, and Opinion Outpost. Why should you waste time when you can directly join these survey sites?

SurveyWorld Alternatives

At first glance, SurveyWorld seems to be a survey site. You know the reality now.

Probably, you’re looking for the best SurveyWorld alternatives. Here are some of the best survey sites that pay their members.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best popular survey sites. Instead of calling this platform a survey site, you can call it a GPT (Get Paid To) site. There are many ways to make money on Swagbucks without taking paid online surveys.

Here are a few ways to make money on Swagbucks:

  • Answering Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Reading Emails
  • Shopping Online
  • Referring Friends
  • Playing Games
  • And more

Swagbucks work on a point system. You’ll get points for completing different tasks. After accumulating enough SBs (Swagbucks Points), you can redeem them for gift cards like Amazon, Zalando, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

2. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another survey site that pays its user for taking paid online surveys. It also works on a point system. You’ll get points for completing surveys. Apart from taking paid online surveys, you can test new products and watch videos.

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for rewards like PayPal, Amazon, or iTunes. Opinion Outpost is one of the best alternatives to SurveyWorld.

3. SurveyJunkie

As the name suggests, SurveyJunkie is an online survey site. It has more than 20 million users sharing their opinions. You’ll get points for completing surveys.

You can expect to earn anywhere between 10 to 200 points per survey. Most surveys take a few minutes to complete. However, the longer ones might take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes you may receive focus group invitations.

You can redeem your points for cash or gift cards. You can transfer your money to a PayPal account or bank account. Also, you can get gift cards from Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, Walmart, Target, Sephora, etc.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars works similarly to Swagbucks. However, InboxDollars pay its user’s real money rather than points. Unfortunately, InboxDollars is only available in the United States.

There are many ways to make money on InboxDollars, such as:

  • Answering Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Shopping Online
  • Reading Emails
  • Playing Games
  • Searching on the Web

As a new member, you’ll receive a $5 welcome bonus. The minimum withdrawal amount is $30. You can withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

SurveyWorld Pros and Cons

As you can see, SurveyWorld works differently than other survey sites. It’s because SurveyWorld is not like typical survey sites that pay their users.

Let’s take a look at SurveyWorld’s pros and cons so you can decide whether you should join this platform or not.


  • SurveyWorld responds to your messages.
  • It promotes legit survey sites.
  • It’s available in many countries.


  • There is no signup page. It’s a hassle to connect with this platform.
  • It doesn’t pay for taking online surveys.
  • It only promotes survey links from other survey sites.
  • A lot of things are not clear.

SurveyWorld Review: Final Verdict

SurveyWorld is not a paid survey site. It works as a middleman that connects you with different survey sites and panels. Moreover, there is no signup page. The only way you can contact them is via their Facebook page.

In my opinion, I don’t see any valid reason to join SurveyWorld. They’ll only send you promotional links from other survey sites. Instead of joining SurveyWorld, join paid survey sites. Moreover, it’s not clear what the site actually offers.

Therefore, it’s a waste of time to join SurveyWorld. If you want to make money taking paid online surveys, join reliable survey sites like Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie.

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