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14 Legit Ways To Get Free Cleaning Supplies (Inc. Low-Income Families)

Are you looking for legit ways to get free cleaning supplies? Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some legit ways to get free cleaning supplies.

Cleaning supplies are essential for maintaining a clean home. Nobody likes to live in a nasty and smelly home. Also, it’s not good for the environment and a healthy lifestyle. It’s always better to keep your home neat and clean.

Cleaning supplies come in various forms, such as bar soap, bleach, vacuum, plastic bags, cleaners, containers, dustbins, trash bags, conditioners, etc.

Unfortunately, the cost of living is surging. At this time, many people can’t afford to buy cleaning supplies. Fortunately, there are a few legit ways to get free cleaning supplies.

In today’s post, I’ll tell you some legit ways to get free cleaning supplies.

How To Get Free Cleaning Supplies

Nowadays, there are many brands available that give away free cleaning supplies. It’s one type of marketing strategy to attract more customers. Also, brands use this strategy to promote new products.

You can take this advantage to get free cleaning supplies. Here are some legit ways to get free cleaning supplies.

1. Grove Collaborative

When it comes to getting free cleaning supplies, Grove Collaborative is one of the best options. Grove Collaborative sells all types of cleaning and household products for a sustainable home.

Does Grove Collaborative give away free cleaning supplies? The answer is YES.

Grove Collaborative offers a gift to its new customers. You can choose a Grove Co. refillable cleaning set or a Mrs. Meyer’s set. Moreover, free shipping is included.

This offer is valid for new customers on first orders of $20 or more within the contiguous United States.

2. Tide

Tide is known for its laundry products like powders, liquids, and PACs. You might want to get free cleaning supplies from Tide. Is it possible to get free cleaning supplies? The answer is YES.

Tide is a part of the P&G Family. You can become a member of the P&G Good Everyday program to get access to exclusive Tide coupons, earn rewards on P&G products you’re already buying, and help others with every purchase.

3. Purex

Purex is another brand known for laundry detergent and fabric care products. You can get free cleaning supplies from Purex by joining the AskTeamClean community.

As a member of this community, you can take advantage of all the special benefits and exclusive offers that Ask Team Clean provides its members.

You can get a chance to try new Purex products. Presently, you’ll get a chance to try a free sample of Persil ProClean® Detergent Discs™ + Active Scent Boost.

4. Zolex

Zolex provides the best heavy-duty, non-toxic, and petroleum-free hand cleaner on the market. This brand gives away a free sample of its water-activated hand cleaner.

This hand cleaner is perfect for truck mechanics, auto mechanics, diesel mechanics, airplane mechanics, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, painters, auto body specialists, lumberjacks, ranch hands, farmers, gardeners, landscapers, or anyone else that routinely gets their hands greasy and/or grimy.

It’s free to get a sample. However, you have to pay for the stamp. Moreover, you will receive a promotion code for 10% OFF your next purchase.

5. Alconox

Alconox is a well-known brand for detergent products. This brand is giving away approximately 2 gallons (7.6 L) of detergent solution. If you need more than that, specify in the form. However, they only send free samples to business addresses.

To request a free sample, fill out an online form. You have to provide basic information and answer a few questions.

After using the detergent, you have to provide your honest feedback. It’ll help them to understand how detergent testing went. Also, you’ll automatically enter into a raffle to win a pair of AirPods by completing the questionnaire.

6. Truekleen

Truekleen sells cleaning products in various categories, such as degreasers, disinfectants, floor care, cleaners, washrooms, transportation, food processing, hand soaps, and building maintenance.

This brand provides free samples to businesses. Unfortunately, residential customers are not eligible for free samples but will be provided a discount code to purchase the product.

To request a free sample, fill out an online form. They accept businesses followed up by a Bullen sales rep of Tax ID or Business License confirmations. 

7. P&G Good Everyday

P&G Good Everyday is a reward program where members earn rewards and exclusive deals on trusted P&G brands.

Here are a few laundry brands of P&G:

  • Tide
  • Bounce
  • Gain
  • Downy
  • Dreft
  • Ariel
  • Era

You’ll earn points for taking quizzes, answering surveys, and scanning your receipts featuring P&G products.

  • Sign-Up Bonus: 25 Points
  • Take a Survey: 25 Points
  • Scan a Receipt: 250 Points

You can redeem your points for free cleaning supplies.

8. Fairy Sheets

Fairy Sheets is giving away free samples of laundry detergent sheets. This product is made with high-quality ingredients that are tough on stains but gentle on your clothes.

To get free samples, fill out an online form. You’ll be able to select your preferred scent: Ocean Breeze or Unscented. Moreover, you can follow them on Instagram or TikTok for a chance to win free 1-year of laundry detergent.

9. All Free Clear

Are you a healthcare professional? Yes? Then you can order free samples for your patients from All Free Clear.

All Free Clear has a couple of laundry detergent products for sensitive skin, such as:

  • all® free clear liquid laundry detergent, THE ORIGINAL
  • all® free clear MIGHTY PACS® laundry detergent, THE ORIGINAL

They’re giving away free samples to healthcare professionals like allergists, dermatologists, and pediatricians. You have to fill out an online form and answer a few questions to order a free sample.

10. Truly Free Home

Truly Free Home is a subscription service that provides revolutionary cleaning products for laundry, bathroom, and kitchen. Its products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and fragrance-free.

As a new subscriber, you’ll get 50 free loads of laundry detergent. Moreover, you’ll receive complimentary products with your regular orders. On top of that, earn up to 2 free products when you bundle up!

11. PINCHme

When it comes to getting free samples by mail, PINCHme is one of the best platforms. It sends out free samples by mail to its members.

First of all, you have to become a member of this program. After that, they will send you free samples of products from major brands. They require you to give your honest feedback. However, you may not get free samples of cleaning products every time.

Freebie Sites To Get Free Cleaning Supplies

Another best way to look for free cleaning supplies is by visiting freebie sites. I hope you know how freebie sites work.

Freebie sites collect freebie offers from the internet and then list them in one place. It helps you to find all types of freebie offers in one place.

12. Yo! Free Samples

Yo! Free Samples is a prominent freebie site that has been around since 2008. This site collects the latest freebie offers and lists them in one place.

You can easily find free samples by mail. You can search for freebies by categories such as beauty, health, baby, household, and hygiene. Moreover, you can use its search box to find free cleaning supplies.

13. Munchkin Freebies

Munchkin Freebies is another freebie site that works similarly to Yo! Free Samples. This site describes itself as the world’s largest collection of free stuff.

This site has a separate category for free cleaning products. You’ll find many free cleaning supplies freebie offers there.

14. Hey, It’s Free

As the name suggests, Hey It’s Free is a freebie site that enlists freebie offers. It has a separate category for cleaning freebies.

You can follow them on social media platforms to get freebie offers. Moreover, you can join its newsletter to get the latest freebies and samples.


As you can see, there are many legit ways available to get free cleaning supplies. All you have to do is choose the best ways that are convenient for you.

Cleaning supplies help you to keep your house neat and clean. However, the cost of cleaning supplies is surging day by day. For that reason, it’s better to get free cleaning supplies.

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